Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vistas of life

Following may be Vistas of life for few.

1) Weekend Candle light dinners and outing.

2) Having a great holiday trip to a foreign country every year.

3) Achieving something in Career & Sports.

         Life is not just for Vegetation – Eat – Work - Sleep routine. Life is meant for something beyond that, which should touch the vistas. Work is meant for passion and making money. Then rest of the time in life is for peace, happiness, fun,enjoyment and bliss with the money we earn. 

         Its quite natural that people get carried away in life without touching the vistas. Vistas are meant for people who sit back and think and analyze about life and who want to live life fully touching the extremes. People in developed countries are aware of vistas of life and in India a small layer of people only think about Vistas.

My Vista – Horizon of life would be to live entire life in harmony with nature.

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