Sunday, December 23, 2012

Movie Review as a blog: Nee Thane En Pon Vasantham (NTEPV)

            Jiiva , Samantha starer “Nee Thane En Pon Vasantham” is a good School,  College, University Love story. I felt asif I watched a Real Love story after a long time ( Same as 3 and after 10 years ).

            Now a days life is becoming very much mechanized and robotic. It is very rare to see such movies these days eveif such real love stories are available in plenty in society. NTEPV stretches atleast  10 years of Love with little physical gap and no gap mentally. Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Treatment of the characters is very appreciable and picturisation and story telling was good.

            Jeeva ( Varun Krishnan ), Samantha ( Nithya Vasudevan ), Gautham Vasudev Menon team have delivered a pleasant Love story.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We think, so we become

         We become what we think. Thoughts are so powerful and it takes you to the world depending on your thoughts.

         You think so you are and You think and so you become.

          Thoughts produced in the conscious mind is a function of the memory and the data through the senses like eyes, ears. So you think not only what is there in memory but also what you see and hear. But what you see and hear depends on what environment you are in. So what we think and what we become is a function of our past experience ( memory ) and environment.

          So changing the environment is also one of the means of achieving higher targets and becoming what we want to become.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

One World

          If there is one Country?

          If there is one Religion ? 

          If there is one Ideology?

         There will be no fight and no problems in this world. But there are lots of countries. There are lots of Religions. There are lot of groups.So there will always be fight and problems in this World.

          From Studies to work, we should always make sure, the group we are associating with us is right to avoid fight and problems.

My country is India (The World).

My religion is Love.

My Ideology is Peace.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


World is full of complex things n let me name few.

1) Network of People
2)  Complexity of signals and happenings in the world

Network of People:

            Everyone has a network of persons connected in cell phones, social networking and email. In that way “n” number of networks exist and each network is dominated by anyone who is more affluent, knowledgeable and powerful. Social networking sites give us a means to visualize how each and everyone is connected in a network and it also gives a chance for strangers to intrude our data if data is not well protected. And so social networking sites should be used with caution. People change the network naturally when they change the job, city, country.

Complexity of signals and happenings in the world:

           World is fully complex due to the complex signals from media like news paper, TV channel, Movies and the exact happenings which are reported. Probably we need a Supercomputer ( Param Yuva ) to analyze the database of happenings and all the signals, intelligence data to find which are interconnected.

World is fully connected:

            There is a connection between a happening in the other part of the World with a happening in our City in same time line or with a little lag. This is because World is a fully connected Ocean in which all the people are connected logically though there may not be physical connection. You will agree to this view if you closely observe a happening in another Country with your perception in your Country during a particular time line. Ocean is controlled by law of cause and effect (mostly). So there is a sustained chain reaction ( Nuclear Reactor Jargon) of actions in the interconnected Ocean.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life at its best

           First of all life is a compromise for many due to the limitation of resources like Money, Career and so people settle in different places like other State and other Country. Irrespective of the place, life is set to be at its best when most of our priorities and expectations are fulfilled with minimum grief. Our priorities and expectations are set to vary according to time and so its not easy to maintain our life to be at its best always. Creativity, flexibility and adaptation are handy tools to fit ourselves to the situation. Sometimes its boring if we don’t have problems to solve in life. But its annoying if we have too many problems.

            For me life is set to be at its best if i have achieved peace, happiness, bliss with love and fun in life style. Right now my life style offers me the above and much more expected in future.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Honda Brio

         My new Car has arrived. Honda Brio. A long trip of 228 Kms to Pazhlani and a short trip of 14 kms to Anuvavi is over last week. Driving is a pleasure in this machine. This machine is best designed for my needs and requirements. I would use this Car for extra comfort, safety and luxury while traveling in city.
         I jus love my Honda Brio............ Miles to go…………..

Sunday, February 26, 2012


             Historically , Monkey is first and Tribes are second (B.C. 1,00,000 years ) Ram is third ( B.C 10,000 years ) and Muruga is fourth ( B.C. 5000 years ) and Krishna is fifth ( B.C. 3500 years ).

           I admire RAM as a God and as a real life hero. Love promotes and produces real life heros with the character of Ram. One can get at most peace, happiness, bliss in life if he has become Ram.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


             Manipulations are today’s trend and things which are natural are reducing. Manipulations are the forced modifications which happens due to technology development and cultural changes which are artificial. Manipulations exist in relationships, business, life and everywhere. The rich, powerful and knowledgeable people manipulate the weaker society who are poor or less knowledgeable. But still you can find few people here and there who live life in a natural way.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


      The coolest thing in this world next to love is friendship. Friendship is the only relationship which is not forced for anyone and which is optional. Almost anyone can become friend to anybody. A friend can share your good times and bad times and support you unconditionally. Its no doubt that close friends are gods gift.

          I spent much of my time with friends in school and college days. And even now i hang out with friends in the evenings and weekends. I always keep myself open to get new friends who may become close friends.

           The mind feels to be very pleasant and comfortable while interacting and being with a friend. A friend can motivate and support if one feels low and help you to grow.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


            One of the major aspiration of Man kind, though money cant buy everything for life. If its possible then the rich people will only be the happiest people in India and around the world.
Money can buy all materialistic aspirations like house, car. But it cant buy a happy home with love. But you cannot live without money either.

          Money earned ethically will only give true peace of mind and happiness. Though people make money in different speeds, slow and steady will only stabilize the life.

          Huge money isolates people from the society and in that level trust is a major issue. I remember one elderly Doctorate told that India is the heaven on earth if you have enough money to live life. I feel Knowledge is a powerful and easiest tool to make any amount of money.