Monday, February 7, 2011

Self Control - Mastery of control of one’s mind

Mind control is tough  for common man and is best exercised by Yogis and Saints.

We can say,
Mind is a Temple
Mind is a Monkey
Mind is a Horse

By controlling the mind i mean defining a thought process for one’s own mind and controlling it.

          Classification of mind by different thought processes:

  1. Positive – 100 % Trust – 0 % Suspicion – Ignorant n blissful ( Most common )
  2. Positive – 99 % Trust – 1 % Suspicion with good judgment ( Most common )
  3. Positive and Negative – Two track, Multi track -50 % Trust - 50 % Suspicion ( Business class )
  4. Negative - 0 % Trust - 100 % Suspicion – Painful ( Business class )

            Training one’s mind to think in a defined thought process is not so easy.  It needs practice and effort.

We can also classify mind as,

1)      Mind with Conscience ( Grown up or Matured )

       a) Mind with Control pulse
       b) Mind without Control pulse

2)      Mind without Conscience ( From Birth – May be till the age 30) 

Control pulse may be 1 thought pulse per second.

          Conscience and Control pulse will be developed when a thought or word or deed which is contradicting to Belief system or Personality or character goes into the Subconscious mind.

Classification of thought frequencies:

Gamma - 40-100 Thoughts per second ( Miraculously Alert )
Beta - 12-40 Thoughts per second ( High Alert )
Alfa - 8-12 Thoughts per second ( Alert )
Theta - 4-8 Thoughts per second (Sleep )
Delta - 4 Thoughts per second ( Deep Sleep)

        You should use your own Mind to do experimentation with the Truth n Psychological experimentations n Sociological experimentations.

       A unique n Multifaceted personality is the best one for today's World. It is not possible to stop the thoughts generated in mind fully for anyone but it is possible to reduce the frequency n focus on OM n merge with  the Universe fully.