Saturday, August 18, 2012


World is full of complex things n let me name few.

1) Network of People
2)  Complexity of signals and happenings in the world

Network of People:

            Everyone has a network of persons connected in cell phones, social networking and email. In that way “n” number of networks exist and each network is dominated by anyone who is more affluent, knowledgeable and powerful. Social networking sites give us a means to visualize how each and everyone is connected in a network and it also gives a chance for strangers to intrude our data if data is not well protected. And so social networking sites should be used with caution. People change the network naturally when they change the job, city, country.

Complexity of signals and happenings in the world:

           World is fully complex due to the complex signals from media like news paper, TV channel, Movies and the exact happenings which are reported. Probably we need a Supercomputer ( Param Yuva ) to analyze the database of happenings and all the signals, intelligence data to find which are interconnected.

World is fully connected:

            There is a connection between a happening in the other part of the World with a happening in our City in same time line or with a little lag. This is because World is a fully connected Ocean in which all the people are connected logically though there may not be physical connection. You will agree to this view if you closely observe a happening in another Country with your perception in your Country during a particular time line. Ocean is controlled by law of cause and effect (mostly). So there is a sustained chain reaction ( Nuclear Reactor Jargon) of actions in the interconnected Ocean.