Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The ultimate beauty of a child.

It manifests in the smile of the child. The ultimate comfort atmosphere to be, where the mind feels to be very light and floating in bliss. It fades off while growing and getting matured. When the mind gets contaminated with bad emotions and becomes calculative and manipulative, it drops the quality of innocence. If a matured person has the quality of innocence with the loved ones, it’s admirable. Making fun with innocence is a great quality which is precious. People when they grow very old, their mind again becomes like a child and we can see the innocence in their smile. While coming into this World and going out of this World, innocence is seen because that’s the true nature of God. Having innocence throughout the life span is a tribute to God.

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Mind – The temple where the God resides

People go to temple to pray to God to get peace and happiness. They believe that their belief on God will get them peace and happiness. They are trying to find something where its not present. The truth is that peace and happiness are relative terms and its attainable only from within themselves. The definition of peace and happiness varies from person to person. Few people find happiness in keeping others happy and few in achieving excellence and so on.

The God is the extreme of good. So a person is said to be close to God by measuring how good he is truly. A person can get close to God and can never become God himself. God resides in the minds where the love, innocence, sympathy, thankfulness are present. If one treats his mind as temple and maintains it well, he will get peace n happiness and even bliss.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love - in a romantic context

The indefinable, enigmatic, exhilarating human emotion , experience and feeling……..

Love requires two receptive minds and hearts longing for love and affection.

So explore yourself about love by answering the following:

Have you ever made an eye contact and looked into the eyes of the loved ones?

Have you ever walked in the beach at sun set holding the arms of the loved ones?

Have you ever given a birthday greeting card to a loved ones with personal scribbling on it?

Have you ever felt the tough time and pain of loved ones as yours?

Have you ever felt like exhilaration and bliss of mind while being with loved ones?

Have you ever felt like going to an island to be with loved ones?

Have you ever spent the time alone with a loved ones and talked through silence?

Have you ever felt time passing by fast being with loved ones?

Have you ever felt that you are changing yourself which you were adamant on?

Have you ever listened to the heartbeat of the loved ones?

Have you ever talked to the loved ones overnight?

Have you ever got disappointed due to not meeting and being with the loved ones?

Have you ever preserved the things like greeting cards of the loved ones?

Have you ever felt how beautiful this world is and felt thankful to God for getting the loved ones?

Have you ever loved yourself before loving your loved ones?

Monday, April 6, 2009


The everlasting , omnipresent ………

Which manifests in hills, forests and parks ……….

There you can listen to the rhythm of nature………..


Have you ever had a nap in the grass of a park under the shadow of a tree?

Have you ever listened to the silence of the Jungle ?

Have you ever listened to the tunes of the birds - chirping in jungle?

Have you ever swam through the river in the jungle?

Have you ever had a trekking and camping trip in hill?

Have you ever had a campfire in a hill and getting warmth out of campfire?

Have you ever had a walk at sunset in beach or jungle holding the arm of the loved ones?

Have you ever taken a deep breath in the fresh air of the jungle?

Have you ever reached the mountain top and shouted loud?

Have you ever rode your two wheeler towards a hill top?

If you have done the above, then you know what “Nature” is………….

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The serpent power which sleeps at the base of the spine until its awakened and raised to the third eye by meditation (kundalini yoga). When the kundalini sakthi is raised to head it merges with the omnipresent and the person attains eternal bliss.

There are seven chakras which influence the glands in our body. To raise the kundalini sakthi from Muladhara, the base Chakra ( bottom most ) to the Ajna, the Brow Chakra, it is required for a person to meditate years on each chakra and bring the energy to the head. But Simplified kundalini yoga is an easy way to bring the energy to the third eye.

Self realization

                      A deep understanding of self after an extensive introspection and analysis.

It’s the opposite extreme of ignorant.
“If Ignorance itself is bliss”,
Then, what Self-Realization will be?
“Blissful always” as ignorance is blissful momentarily.

           Let me ask few simple questions which touches the core of the individual.

Are you a human being?
Have you realized yourself?
Who are you?

           These questions seem to be simple but requires lots of thinking before answering it… May be hours or months or years of quest for understanding the self….

           Self realization is an inward journey breaking barriers of religion, sect and crossing boundaries of countries. It tries to define your “ true self ” to yourself. How good a human being you are in your true self. Self realization balances the ego state.

A person who has realized the self will have the following:

            The foresight and awareness of his/her own behavior at any circumstances.
A bigger perspective of life always.
Refined personality.
Eternal bliss.

The Three quotients related to a personality:

1) Intelligence Quotient
2) Emotional Quotient
3) Spiritual Quotient

           Spiritual quotient may not necessarily be directly related to how pious a person is. But how good that person is in implementing the things learnt out of religion or spirituality. So an atheist may have high SQ comparing a theist. If IQ is given an impulse towards the quest for understanding self, it will improve EQ, SQ to a great extent.

Social Responsibility

People think the following when they come across the word “ Social Responsibility”.

1) Keeping the environment clean.
2) Voting.
3) Paying the tax.

          Yes, these are microscopic comparing the effort towards building a better India without corruption and inequality and misuse of money and power.


           The election commission should spend money from government fund to give space in news papers and TV channel – propaganda time for each candidate equally.

           Everyone have their own justification for what they are doing whether its right or wrong. Having a justification which is right only for them is not enough but that justification should be right for everyone else involved. In the view of a political party, the reason why they are corrupted is very clear that they need money for their next election campaign. But that reason is not justifiable for a common man.

Misuse of money and power:

           Money and power have become tool for flexing the rules and regulations and breaking laws. Money and power have become a shield for protecting themselves who break the law. The law of cause and effect doesn't hold true in many cases, for this reason and we can see the chaos dominating. We can say a system (Government ) to be matured if the law of cause and effect to be true for everyone in the system without difference with less response time.

          At a glance, we think that its just corruption, inequality and misuse of money and power. But these are the major source reducing the maturity of the system. Eradicating these will get a system which will be comparable with developed countries. So its important that everyone should think about these macroscopic responsibilities and do their contribution towards building a better India for a better tomorrow.

          Until there is a day where political parties are not needed to spend money from their pocket for election campaign, eradicating corruption out of India will only be a dream and not a reality.