Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mind – The temple where the God resides

       People go to temple to pray to God to get peace and happiness. They believe that their belief on God will get them peace and happiness. They are trying to find something where its not present. The truth is that peace and happiness are relative terms and its attainable only from within themselves. The definition of peace and happiness varies from person to person. Few people find happiness in keeping others happy and few in achieving excellence and so on.

      The God is the extreme of good. So a person is said to be close to God by measuring how good he is truly. A person can get close to God and can never become God himself. God resides in the minds where the love, innocence, sympathy, thankfulness are present. If one treats his mind as temple and maintains it well, he will get peace n happiness and even bliss.

    Nobody can prove the existance of God. If you are Good you see everyone n God to be Good. If you are bad you see everyone to be bad n dont see God. God is like a Mirror n If you do good n you will get good things back n If you do bad things you get the same back. People are a mix of Good n Bad Types.

     Dont belive that God will take care of everything. You will have to do what best you can do n fight for your needs n rest will be taken care by almighty.

    Most people who are God believers cheat the World in the name of God n dont fully behave in life as true God believers.

      You usually see things what you are internally in your mind n its mostly a self perception. If you have a positive attitute you see everything to be positive n Good.

      God or Supernatural power exists Eternally. But it is visible when you believe or search to find it. If you dont search n dont believe it, doesn't mean that God or the Supernatural power doesn't exist.

      God reveals himself to the super intelligent n below average n most average people think it is just coincidence of happenings. The beloved Souls who are always dear to us are always with us. ( God Particle n Super Natural Power ).

    God will protect us from physical n Mental Health problems n cure them n punish us if we do mistakes. But rest you should take care by yourself from Education n Job n Business n Marriage.

     You should always be Good n believe in God 100 % without not even a miniscule of doubt. But you should not expect the same from anyone. This is the philosophy which will make you live 80-120 Years of happy n healthy life.

Each one of us are living in an Island with psychological walls separating each other.

Ref: Mind of Swami Vivekanandha by Gowtham Sen.

Temple Prasatham :  Pirar Satham.

  The Purananuru ( புறநானூறு ):

 “Eeyena erathal ezhindhenru  ("Please give charity," to beg is inferior)

   Eevaen endral adhaninum ezhindhenru (“I won’t give charity” to say is the inferior-most)

    Kollena koduthal uyarndhenru  (To give charity, unasked, is superior)

    Kollenn endral adhaninum uyarndhenru".  (I won’t take charity” to refuse is the superior-most)

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