Saturday, June 22, 2013



            Silence in a person will initiate the inward journey towards understanding the self. The absolute silence for a longer time can increase the spiritual strength of the person. At the end, silence can make one feel their soul. Silence in a relationship can induce echo of thoughts and one may part with the other person. For a matured person silence will have no effect on the relationships.
            Silence is a powerful tool which can be used for both constructive and destructive purposes. Loneliness can create silence in a person. Being lonely frequently is a good habit to reap the constructive results of silence. People who are achievers, have always felt the power of silence. Being silent to a person whom you feel missing, is destructive.

    I enjoy silence when being alone mostly doing nothing n have meditative contemplating thought process ( which breaks the time barrier ) to Research on unsolved problems.

Saturday, June 8, 2013



              To bring a huge change in society to propel it in positive n constructive direction, a revolution is needed. For a revolution to initiate and succeed to bring a huge change in society,  a very knowledgeable leader is mandatory. Leader should bring up change in society propelling the followers in bottom level. Leader should impart awareness and attitude change of the followers making them think what the leader wants them to think and do. For this the leader should use the social communication media like Movies, News paper, Television, FM Radio.

             I believe a few knowledgeable people can bring a Total change in the society with their capability just by changing Education System n Media ( News Paper, TV, Movies ). They can start their own Trust and Industry and with that they can project their ideals towards the World.

            A powerful leader like President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister n Industrialist n Actor can initiate a big powerful revolution which can change the economy, infrastructure and lifestyle of people of a country. World has seen many revolutions in many Countries  for Labour and Agriculture. But the Revolution for the positive Societal Change through Media along with Agricultural  n Labour Revolution n Developed n Matured Education system from kinder garden to University, is the need of the hour as the current education system in India is unfit for n failed to produce good human beings n needs lots of improvement frequently to make it World Class.

           A good leader will have large number of followers who follow the leader perfectly. But a great leader will live a exemplary n faultless life n will make every good follower a leader like himself.

          Generally, Only if you are Mentally n Monitarily satisfied with yourself, Then only you will even Think of Contributing n doing Service to Society. This is the reason why very few people turn towards service to Society in the World.

       Every Group  or Community which has a united mass of People ( Ex Religion Group n Political Group n Caste Groups ) should assign 1-10  Youngsters to dedicate themselves to become Government officers n Political Leaders ( MP, MLA ) n Rovolutionist to get n safe guard their Rights n Powers.

      India n USA n the World is in the Hands of Risk Takers who take calculated big risks Monitarily n Politically.

      In India Freedom is misused mostly to do Idiotic n Nonsense Things n Immoral sex  n create slaves n short lived androhumanoid robots both in India n Abroad n which is happening in India from Independence n very fast after globalisation. The root of this problem is the inequality ( Human rights violations ) of people in different strata in India.

        99% People have some form of physical or mental addiction or bad habit. The reason for this is that most people have physical n mental sufferings in daily work life n to counter that n release pressure they temporarily enjoy pleasure with addiction n bad habit daily.
       Young criminals n offenders n Juviniles n slaves ( innocent school n college boys n girls with parents who are innocent n not educated or knowledgeable n rich ) are produced in large number in India by rich n powerful people for their benefit exploiting thier innocence.

    Everybody knows what to do n how to do to develop a Nation, but they want the right person to do that , thinking about the consequences n return.

            I believe few Knowledgeable people can transform India to a new developed Country not technologically but socially, if they have access to Media throughout India.

              There are plenty of People who work for development of Science n Technology n Engineering n Medicine but very few people working for a better Society Worldwide which will guide humanity in a Positive n Constructive direction.

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