Sunday, November 12, 2017

Revolution needed for Workload:

           A Revolution needed for 8 hours work for 5 days ( 40 Hours a Week ) and Saturday & Sunday holiday ( 2 day weekend ) for all Employees in India ( with selected exceptions ( Professions ) according to Nature of Work ) for Good Mental n Physical Health.

    Everybody wants a 2 day weekend in India n Who are we waiting for to approve ?

Latest Movie Reference: Velaikaran - ( 2017 December 22 )
 Siva karthikeyan, Nayanthara.

Discuss with your union heads n chiefs for Employee Revolution after May 1st 2018. Everyone should feel themselves to be the leaders n fight because you will get what you need n Love only if you fight.

( To make India a Developed Nation ( India 2020 ) in Society n Life Style n Economy n Technology n Science n Sound Health n Happiness n Peace for all Indian Citizens n 

Take immidiate steps to reduce n control Petrol n Diesel prices including tax structure change ( GST ) n find alternate sources of Petroleum because fuel price hike will directly increase commodity prices in India.

Currency value of Rupee against US Dollar needs to be improved by 10% by strengthening Economy soon.

Creating a frame work for saving n rehabilitating People who are at the verge of Dying due to Poverty n Joblessness n unable to survive in Society N New Population Control rule by restricting number of kids per Couple or Person in India N New elaborate Pollution control norms N Keeping the Road Traffic Safe from Stray Dog Menace by evacuating them to Stray Dogs Care Taker Homes or Forests or Zoos n Removing Dead Bodies of Animals which were hit by Vehicles going in Roads N Stoping Drunkards Roaming on Roads in the Evenings n Nights N Bringing Black Money from all Foreign Banks Worldwide to India n Paying back the debts on India in World Bank n Rest of the Money to be used for development of India n Linking Indian Rivers n a Developed Service Centric n Non Commercialised n Value based Education n Education System which has few mandatory lessons like Human Physiology n Psychology n Health Sciences n Life Sciences n Food Sciences n Sociology n Spirituality n Religions in 11th n 12th Std N Professional Ethics Course in Colleges n Institutes n Universities N Revive the Abolished Agriculture of small farmers who dont even own Agricultural land n Take Pro People Decision on Neduvasal n Sterlite Issues n Central n State Government policy making in all Domains safe guarding Indian interests n earnings n survival n not rashly allowing Multi Nationals in all fields n Developing Consumer Awareness for buying n investing only on need n purpose based n Proper career planning from childhood knowing own skills n interests n not foolishly by superficial guidance of Neighbours n Relatives n  Revive small petti shops n small businesses n Micro Industries n small n micro roadside hygienic eatary shops n Textiles Industry by Revolutionising it logically N Decriminalising Political System of India N Improved n Maintained City Roads, Street Roads n Right Road Traffic n Road Traffic System N Eradicate Casting Couch n Bribes for getting Jobs N Removing Loop Holes of The Constitution of India N Immidiately Reducing n limiting the raising Petrol, Diesel prices by finding Alternates n Suppliers n Alternate Sources for Petrol n Diesel N Reducing Freebies only to very needy N Paying back Debts of Tamilnadu State Government N Central n State Governments should Avoid Name Sake n Eye Wash Projects n Investments n be Truly more Realistic in using all Resources Shrewdly n Wisely N Stop State Government Officers getting Exorbitant percentage of Assets n Salaries for Government Aporovals as Bribes N Improve inefficient n non functional Vigilance department throughout India N Stop Dumping Garbages in Street Corners on the Roads N Releasing Indian Movies Online by film Industries in Cell phones n Laptops n Computers in same time as releasing movies in Theaters n Convert Slums into small housing units in cities n metro cities N An average Indian should get a Pension of 12,000 - 15,000 Rupees per Month after Government or Private Job Retirement in India N Regulated n computerised Construction n Real Estate Industry throughout India N Law for Not Stopping the Schemes in half progress when Central n State governments Change N New n Upgraded Antibribing n Anticorruption Law N New n Improved n Human Right related Laws N Restricting Kids from accessing dangerous n unwanted Web content by Technology n Coding N Making Every Indian Citizen Accountable n Responsible for the Condition of India Today in Every Aspect of Life which can only mean a True Democracy. )

The root cause of all problems in India is that self decipline n Value System ( In Society n Relationships ) n professional ethics is not fully n perfectly inculcated in Schools n Colleges n Universities which doesnt produce 100% Socially responsible N Accountable ( Mostly all Mistakes n Errors n Losses go into Gandhi Account or God Account in India ) n Managers n Media ( News Paper n TV n Film  n FM Radio ) Professionals ..... n Indian Citizens.

( The plight of India is that People with Money n Power Dont Care about the Country whole heartedly n fully n perfectly n if others Care no Big Change can be Created but Still We should not Give Up ).