Sunday, November 12, 2017

Revolution needed for Workload:

           A Revolution needed for 8 hours work for 5 days ( 40 hours a week ) and Saturday & Sunday holiday ( 2 day weekend ) for all employees in India ( with selected exceptions ( professions ) according to nature of work ) for Good Mental n Physical Health.

    Everybody wants a 2 day weekend in India n who are we waiting for to approve ?

Latest Movie Reference: Velaikaran - ( 2017 December 22 )
 Siva karthikeyan, Nayanthara.

( Discuss with your union heads n chiefs regarding protest ).
                    Protest on May 1st 2018. Everyone should feel themselves
                    to be the leaders n fight because you will get what you need 
                    & Love only if you fight.

( To make India a Developed Nation ( Vision 2020 ) in Society n Life Style n Economy n Sound Health n Happiness n Peace for all Indian Citizens n a Developed Education system & Revive the Abolished Agriculture by Revolutionising it logically. )

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