Sunday, March 26, 2017

Movie Script

Script of a Movie based on a Body Builder

               This is a story of a Non - Professional body builder ( Hero ) who beats a professional body builder (Villain ) in Mr.Coimbatore Title. Hero is just physically fit at an age of 28. He had a lover who was studying in an Engineering college. Brother of the villain eve teases the Heroine in College Campus. Heroine tells this to the hero. Hero goes and fights with the brother of the Villain. Villains brother challenges the hero to beat villain in upcoming Mr.Coimbatore Title. Villains brother tells that he will ask sorry to heroine if  hero wins the Mr.Coimbatore Title. Hero undergoes immense practice to build his body. Heroine supports and motivates and helps the hero build his body naturally. Villain uses Drugs. Hero wins the title and villains brother asks sorry to heroine.

Director:  9994351766,9344704287,9361225819, 9361346192.


அடக்கம் அமரருள் உய்க்கும்: அடங்காமை
ஆரிருள் உய்த்து விடும்.

“Self restraint provides (a person) with enlightened life;
 Indulgence immerses (the person) in total darkness”.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yogic State

              Yogic State is the utmost Yogam n layam. It is just to be in the full involvement of the moment where the mind takes you to. Even the awareness of what we are doing is not present. The total thought pulses will be fully merged in the moment. Achieving this yogic state is easy for the ignorant if they are fully involved in the moment. For the elite with awareness, achieving this yogic state takes little effort to stop awareness pulse and fully get involved in the moment. For them they have to become ignorant after getting wisdom.

          To achive the above Yogic state all spiritual processes n meditation n chanting n breathing exercises n Yogasanas n Various Religious processes are used to convert your Mind which mostly ( More than 80 % ) wanders in emotional thoughts n memories of past n future.

         Death can also be celebrated like Birth n it depends on what you do in your whole life n how ( the way ) you die at the end.