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2 Day Weekend n 8 Hour per day Work is the Current Need

CRPF jawans will get 100 days’ leave: Amit Shah

       Union Home Minister Amit Shah during the foundation laying ceremony of Directorate General building of CRPF in New Delhi on December 29, 2019.
Special CorrespondentNEW DELHI 29 DECEMBER 2019 21:40 IST

       Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said the government would take care of the families of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel while they take care of the borders, adding that health cards for their kin and 100 days off a year for the forces would be implemented by August-September 2020.
      Speaking at the foundation laying ceremony of the CRPF’s new headquarters in Delhi, Mr. Shah said the force had played a vital role in rooting out terrorism from Punjab and Tripura and in restoring peace in the States.


4 Day Work per Week in Finland : 

Prime Minister Sanna Marin

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Revolution needed for Workload:

           A Revolution needed for 8 hours work for 5 days ( 40 Hours a Week ) and Saturday & Sunday holiday ( 2 day weekend ) for all Employees in India ( with selected exceptions ( Professions ) according to Nature of Work ) for Good Mental n Physical Health.

    Everybody wants a 2 day weekend in India. Hope Political Leaders of India will approve n implement it in India very very Soon.

Latest Movie Reference: Velaikaran - ( 2017 December 22 )
 Siva karthikeyan, Nayanthara.

Discuss with your union heads n chiefs for Employee Revolution after May 1st 2018. Everyone should feel themselves to be the leaders n fight because you will get what you need n Love only if you fight. But in future the Central n State governments should become proactive n issue Orders which most people want even before they start to fight n protest for their need.

( To make India a Developed Nation ( India 2020 ) in Society n Life Style n Economy n Technology n Science n Sound Health n Happiness n Peace for all Indian Citizens )

Take immidiate steps to reduce n control Petrol n Diesel prices including tax structure change ( GST ) n find alternate sources of Petroleum because fuel price hike will directly increase commodity prices in India. Also development of Electric Car ( Like Tesla )  with own R n D in India n introduction of Electric Car for regular use in India is needed to migrate from Conventional Fuel Cars as the Fuel prices are high now. Currency value of Rupee against US Dollar needs to be improved by 10% by strengthening Economy soon.
Implement Liquor Ban in Tamilnadu n all states of India n close all Tasmacs Soon. Creating a frame work for saving n rehabilitating People who are at the verge of Dying due to Poverty n Joblessness n unable to survive in Society N New Population Control rule by restricting number of kids per Couple or Person in India N New elaborate Pollution control norms ( Root Cause of all problems in the World ) throughout the World through United Nations as most developing n under developed countries dont have a possibility to implement Population control on their own N Keeping the Road Traffic Safe from Stray Dogs N evacuating them to Stray Dogs Care Taker Homes or Forests or Zoos n Removing Dead Bodies of Animals which were hit by Vehicles going in Roads N Stoping Drunkards Roaming on Roads in the Evenings n Nights N Bringing Black Money  ( 20 Lakh Crores ) from all Foreign Banks Worldwide to India n Paying back the debts on India in World Bank n Rest of the Money to be used for development of India n Linking Indian Rivers n a Developed Service Centric n Non Commercialised n Value based Education n Education System which has few mandatory lessons like Human Physiology n Psychology n Health Sciences n Life Sciences n Food Sciences n Sociology n Spirituality n Religions in 11th n 12th Std N Professional Ethics Course in Colleges n Institutes n Universities N Revive the Abolished Agriculture of small farmers who dont even own Agricultural land n Take Pro People Decision on Neduvasal n Sterlite Issues n Central n State Government policy making in all Domains safe guarding Indian interests n earnings n survival n not rashly allowing Multi Nationals in all fields n Developing Consumer Awareness for buying n investing only on need n purpose based n Proper career planning from childhood knowing own skills n interests n not foolishly by superficial guidance of Neighbours n Relatives n  Revive small petti shops n small businesses n Micro Industries n small n micro roadside hygienic eatary shops n Textiles Industry by Revolutionising it logically N Decriminalising Political System of India N Improved n Maintained City Roads, Street Roads n Right Road Traffic n Road Traffic System N Eradicate Casting Couch n Bribes for getting Jobs N Removing Loop Holes of The Constitution of India N Immidiately Reducing n limiting the raising Petrol, Diesel prices by finding Alternates n Suppliers n Alternate Sources for Petrol n Diesel N Paying back Debts of Tamilnadu State Government N Central n State Governments should Avoid Name Sake n Eye Wash Projects n Investments n be Truly more Realistic in using all Resources Shrewdly n Wisely N Stop State Government Officers getting Exorbitant percentage of Assets as bribes for Government Aporovals N Improve inefficient n non functional Vigilance department throughout India N Stop Dumping Garbages in Street Corners on the Roads N Releasing Indian Movies Online by film Industries in online in Cell phones in same time as releasing movies in Theaters n Convert Slums into small housing units in cities n metro cities N An average Indian should get a Pension of 12,000 - 15,000 Rupees per Month after Government or Private Job Retirement in India n higher bank interests for fixed deposits for non pensioners N Regulated n computerised Construction n Real Estate Industry throughout India N Law for Not Stopping the Schemes in half progress when Central n State governments Change N New n Upgraded Antibribing n Anticorruption Law N New n Improved n Human Right related Laws N Restricting Kids from accessing dangerous n unwanted Web content by Technology n Coding N creating Care taker Homes       ( Similar to old age people homes n Orphanages )  for Homeless n orphaned after some age n destitude People throught India.
Making Every Indian Citizen Accountable n Responsible for the Condition of India Today in Every Aspect of Life which can only mean a True Democracy. 
N Close all Hotels n Bakeries n Eataries n Political Parties n Educational Institutions n Hospitals n all product n service providers n Businesses n Companies n Farmers  in India who cheat n poison n backstabb customers getting Money through Local n National n International Cartel n update the Laws pertaining to Ban of Ganja n addictive Drug sales n n save People from disatrous Black Magic done by fake Saints  n Sex Juviniles n Child Labour n Prostitution n Honey Trapping n Eradicating Poverty in India n Eradicate Educated n Uneducated Linguistic Frauds in Politics n business n education n Industry from Top to Bottom of Hierachy in India. Replacing regular home Bulbs with LED Lights n Fans with 5 Star Rated Energy efficient fans which will save 50 % energy which will help Power plants to maintain same output for next 20 years. Also develop hitech n very cheap n efficient solar cell technology for Indias power needs.
Enact a new law to prohibit the political parties from making election alliances before n after elections n cheat people with their fake Idealogies. More power n self governance to State Governments n big share of Money collected by GST n Income Tax to be given to respective State governments n provide job  so that they are able to get drinking water n food n Shelter who are below poverty line n include sociological system n Governance system in Social Sciences n basic sex education that the people are not backstabbed till death for being unaware, are not needed to pay cash to get data to avoid backstabbing or poisoning in food, from those previously rare but presently Worldwide predominant Human species who are everywhere n abolish the elite n accepted Protocol for all types of corruption at top strata of Society in India n the World n Place all ex Military personel in all youth related n potentially corruptable State n Central Government department top management caders. Remove all illlogical n irrational n irresponsible n unaccounted n unorganised n lack of commonsense, from India. Start 10 times more Allopathy n Siddha n Ayurvedha Government n Private Medical Colleges throughout India as most of the skilled Doctors migrate to So called Developed Nations for Money n Life Style n half of the existing Doctors are Fake. Remove n reduce all numeralogical Heavy tax on consumables of Middle Class n below Poverty line people which increased the living cost upto 2500 Rupees per Month which includes LPG.
Food processing Industry:
Enact stringent laws to make sure the quality of Packed food by strong Inspection n testing norms per batch n curb the food poisoning by clearly mentioning date of Manufacture n Date of Expiry.
Hotels n Bakaries n Eatries:
Enact laws for Food quality Inspection to stop selling n serving of old n Spoilt food n edibles n fast food.
Organic farming:
Promote mostly organic farming n non chemical n poisonous fertilizers which spoil the land very soon. Promote Indian Seed varieties which are natural n good n suitable for Indian farm lands n people who consume that. 
Allopathy Medicine related Laws:
Enact laws to stop testing any type of new medicine on Indian patients. Enact laws to stop selling old n obsolete medicine not the date of Manufacture n use but which are outdated in abroad.
Establish Plant ( spend atleast 5000 Crores ) very soon for converting Sea Water to Drinking water in Chennai n other parts of Tamilnadu in sea shores n also for Rain water Harvesting implementation for solving Water Scarcity.
Develop a Space based Technology  with R&D for Artificial Rain for Agriculture in India.
Arrest or kill all Black Magicians n so called Mystics n Fake Religious entities soon who might have harmed or killed Crores of Indians till Date n stop all Automatic Robotic Human n Animal Technology for sourceless big criminal activities n Stop all types of Hit n Run away n Hand Pull n Run Away Cases in India n World by Indians.
Arrest all escaping Sinners for more than decades to 1000s of years n Gods in the form of Humans n Fake God Men n kill all Animals which are harmful to Humans or take them to Zoos or Forests. Pedticide n Insecticide poisoning should be stoped. All Unwanted Biomagnetic fields in Unwanted n Unexpected places needs to be eradicated n stoped fully soon.
Transparency of all State n Central government Schemes n All State elections on same day throughout India n implement strict law against commission n bribing ( both receiver n provider ) at full hierachy of State n Central Government. Remove Caste partiality right from Birth n in Education n Workplace n Society in general ( Caste based groupism n backststabing fellow humans right from Schools n Colleges n till death ) . It is the Worst Disease of Indian Society for ages now. Stop n arrest all local bigshots everywhere in India who claim to work for God n Innocent People n act as Localised Government Privately n Underworld Head n who run courts of their own imagination n punish innocent n also few culprits not caught legally. Supercomputer Controlled Cities with Top Supercomputer at each State Capital n finally connected to National Capital New Delhi.
Crores of Student every year choose the degrees in Colleges n Universites n Career in India due to limited n lack of information n guidance which leads to so much problems n chaos in their lives n in our Country. We need lots of new n Applied Degree Courses in all fields like Engineering n Medicine n Cross Domain Courses n Industry n Business n Entreprenurship oriented Courses.
In India, All types ( Money to ABB)  of Hill Top Heads n the whole Hierachy are Corrupted who do Sadism by racing with people who approach them which makes n keeps the whole Country Corrupted. The Cancer of India is nothing but deep rooted Schizophrenic System ( Partial ) n Education ( Partial ) n Media n 50 % Population n this is how true Indians n Indian Culture is becoming extinct faster.
Throughout India we need Liaison Officers or Public Relations Officers for Each Civil Servant n Councilor n MLA n MP from the side of the People at each Village or District or City representing them n fighting for thier basic needs n getting them from the State or Central Government. Elders n Parents n Seniors should transfer their Spiritual knowledge to the Youngsters to make the World a better place for Living soon. Start many Gurukul School for Yoga n Meditation near Hills. N Arrest all types of Barbaric Racist Indians ( sending Strangers n Thieves to meet ) ( Right from Money to ABB n Caste n Religion n Specfic Gods n Paavam ( SEI Venai - Forcing someone to do Mistakes n get punishments lateron - Naan Unnai Vachuu Seiyaran Vaa. ( 543 Methods ) )  Punniyam ( IE SEI ) ( Auto Robots ) Game )  who send Strangers. Better these guys relocate to unexplored forests so that Humans can live freely in the Country.
Most people are forced to commit mistakes by circumstances n given punishments physically or mentally by Nature later.
Stop n Catch n Arrest ( Red Handed ) all types of people who do Biomagnetic Black Magics with various types of Lingams harming n Manipulating by Manipulating Panja Bootham mainly Rain n backstabing people by influencing n Manipulating their decision Making.
Make stringent n severe laws against intimidation n manipulation n harassment of kids n Women in India to stop n control the crime to the maximum soon.
Select n Elect Leaders out of People at all levels who didnt received Money for their own Votes.

The root cause of all problems in India is that self decipline n Value System ( In Society n Relationships ) n professional ethics is not fully n perfectly inculcated in Schools n Colleges n Universities ( Our Education system needs a Personal ethics n Professional ethics mandatory Subjects in School n College Syllabus ) which doesnt produce 100% Socially responsible N Accountable ( Mostly all Mistakes n Errors n Losses go into Gandhi Account or God Account in India ) n Managers n Media ( News Paper n TV n Film  n FM Radio ) Professionals ..... n Indian Citizens.
Also we need Personality development n Leadership Institutes ( Give 25,000 Crore Rupees worth Merit Scholarship for Poor Students in Government Schools n Colleges n Universities who will become Leaders of Tomorrow's India ) n Training Consultants throughout India to develop n promote Young n budding Leaders.

Implement Military Training Type Decipline in all Educational Institutions from Kinder Garden School to University Doctorate level.

 In India we need more n more Good n Great leaders from MLA - Minister n MP - Minister n all other governance from top to bottom. That is the reason why Indias development is not in enough pace. During freedom fight, India had lots of Selfless Leaders but today we dont have. 
N Whole Society needs True Patriotism. But both are attributed to the full Society in India.
When many small leaders mushroom out then very soon they are rewarded badly, then they become a force against the society. Most people are selfish n not broad minded n think that law of cause n effect is not true n evenif they contribute a lot to Society , it will never benefit them in any means n they think that Money is the only need for survival.

We need Logical n Organized n Rational problem solving n decision making n investments with Patriotism n Broad Mindedness in State n Central Governments in Tamilnadu n India is needed greatly. 
State n Central E-Governance System:
     We need Super Computer in Each State Major cities Connected to Super Computer at State Capital. All Super Computers at State Capitals be connected to a Top Super Computer at Indian National Capital at Delhi. The purpose of Super Computers is
recording of all State n Central Government activities n decision making n Systematic n organised problem solving n organised communication of the above in Media n Auditing of Government income n Expenditure n implementation of all Schemes n feedback of Implementation of Schemes in grassroot level n making sure the funds are properly spent for Schemes n schemes are perfectly implemented n calculatings it benefits n Return on Investments.

 The plight of India is that People with Money n Power Dont Care about the Country whole heartedly n fully n perfectly n if others Care no Big Change can be Created but Still We should not Give Up.

It Just needs One Phone call n Email to Government to Change your Village or City or State or Nation to Heaven but nobody is bothered or worried or even thought about it mostly as they are working n living for their own Self n Family n never thought about others Welfare not even for a second as they think it is useless n waste of Time. This is the reason for present condition of our Country.

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Indian Defence

Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Army

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Movie Script

Script of a Movie based on a Body Builder

               This is a story of a Non - Professional body builder ( Hero ) who beats a professional body builder (Villain ) in Mr.Coimbatore Title. Hero is just physically fit at an age of 28. He had a lover who was studying in an Engineering college. Brother of the villain eve teases the Heroine in College Campus. Heroine tells this to the hero. Hero goes and fights with the brother of the Villain. Villains brother challenges the hero to beat villain in upcoming Mr.Coimbatore Title. Villains brother tells that he will ask sorry to heroine if  hero wins the Mr.Coimbatore Title. Hero undergoes immense practice to build his body. Heroine supports and motivates and helps the hero build his body naturally. Villain uses Drugs. Hero wins the title and villains brother asks sorry to heroine.

Director:  9994351766,9344704287,9361225819, 9361346192.


அடக்கம் அமரருள் உய்க்கும்: அடங்காமை
ஆரிருள் உய்த்து விடும்.

“Self restraint provides (a person) with enlightened life;
 Indulgence immerses (the person) in total darkness”.