Sunday, October 23, 2011


           Let it be a natural scene or a fashion model. Appreciation and admiration of beauty in general is the basis of Photography.

          The tendency of a human to get attracted towards beauty has evolved from the new born child's behavior of focusing on the light and brightness. So its natural that most people get attracted towards beauty. Photography as a hobby will quench the thirst of admiring nature and beauty. I compare it with playing music instruments for relaxation.

         The minute details of the photography is the difference Digital SLR makes with regular Cameras.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seasoning of mind by aging

         When we are young as children innocence and ignorance keeps one happy n blissful and life is a greenish picture.

Stage 1:
Then we start thinking and judging things. Then comes the mentality to find the truth.

Stage 2:
Then we start understanding the importance of trust and trust worthiness.

Stage 3:
Then we start thinking about the equality and communism.

Stage 4:
        Then we start becoming Ideal and fully matured.
In each stage mind gets seasoned and matured but with lots of self effort to grow. Mind becomes more and more analytical in each stage. At the final stage person will have enough knowledge and maturity about life. But when mind becomes more and more analytical it feels the pain and likes loneliness and abstinence.

But there is an exception:
       One can be ignorant and blissful for entire lifetime with God belief , guidance of parents and elders. There is no need for them to get matured day by day which takes through the life span with pain.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


           Controlling effortlessly is an amazing thing. Be it a Fighter Jet or a Race Car or even a Race Bike. Control requires mental, physical muscular and nervous fitness and reflex and agility. Controlling is an addictive thing. One who enjoyed the control will always want to do it quite regularly. Controlling activity is smooth and blissful like flying.

Control pulse ( one thought pulse per second ) will be very crucial for control.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

7th Sense

           The intelligence and knowledge obtained without any external source or signal and through intuition and telepathy can be called as 7th sense. I just think about Siddhas while contemplating about 7th sense. Bogar, the Siddha who made the Murugan Navabhashanam Statue of Palani Temple might have had such powers. 7th sense will help you get the knowledge about the mysterious secrets of the human mind, existence and universe. It will give the power to execute the required happenings without any source. The intuitive intellignce will help you to protect yourself from unknown and unpredicted disasters.