Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seasoning of mind by aging

         When we are young as children innocence and ignorance keeps one happy n blissful and life is a greenish picture.

Stage 1:
Then we start thinking and judging things. Then comes the mentality to find the truth.

Stage 2:
Then we start understanding the importance of trust and trust worthiness.
Stage 3:
Then we start thinking about the equality and communism.

Stage 4:
        Then we start becoming Ideal and fully matured.
     Act asif you trust everyone n dont trust or suspect anyone actually n jus record the Scene in mind for later reference n processing.

     In each stage mind gets seasoned and matured but with lots of self effort to grow. Mind becomes more and more analytical in each stage. At the final stage person will have enough knowledge and maturity about life. But when mind becomes more and more analytical it feels the pain and likes loneliness and abstinence.

            God believers in Todays World will become robos ( Manipulated )  of Non God believing Scientists n Researchers at the end because Science n Technology have developed to that extent in todays world.

           Elite: From the signals or key words, you have to get the connected points n construct or infer the real story or meaning. This is programmed n targeted communication technique.


“Sevikku Unavu illadha pozhdhu siridhu, Vayitrukku eeyap padum.”  (412 out of 1330 couplets).  

This means, when there is no food for the ears, then it is given to the stomach.  So, he gives more importance to the “Knowledge” than the food.

But there is an exception:

       One can be ignorant and blissful for entire lifetime with God belief , guidance of parents and elders. There is no need for them to get matured day by day which takes through the life span with pain.
If you have a highly disciplined n Military type brought up, you dont need to worry anything n just March Fast Straight in life looking ahead only.

           Your Limit of Happiness depends on your limit of Sarrow. ( Relativity Theory )

         You will get bored of most things in life which you do regularly n go into monotony except your passionate things in life. The beauty of life lies in living life passionately fully.

           If you do it, you have a unerasable bad memory n dent n stigma n if you dont do it you always have a temptation n best way it to Simulate the tempting things without actually doing it.

         Most people have Selective Amnesia inwhich they forget important happening over a period of time due to too much involvement in Work n Life.

II = 99

 ER, ED, EL  = 5+4= 9=I.

Movies : 7am Arivu, I.

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