Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yogic State

           Zen Buddhism tells that you should get involved fully in whatever you do. For example, while drinking tea, you should totally engrossed in drinking tea without any other second thought. This is called Yogam and Layam.

           Yogic State is the ever blissful State which is the last stage of self refinement and betterment. A detached attachment is attained with self awareness during self realization. Over a period of time ( may be after 10 to 20 years ), bliss can be achieved without self awareness with full self realization. That’s the final state where one has crossed the boundaries of time and distance and any major factor.

           A yogi need not necessarily be a saint but a very normal human being in regular life style in job with family and friends. This is the utmost gift a human can get in life. There is nothing beyond this stage in this world for a human.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bhagavad Gita

            Bhagavad Gita is the Treatise of Lord Krishna. It’s the Advice given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna about why he should fight in War. And more over it’s the holy book of Hindus even though Hinduism is not a Religion and a way of life.

In essence, Bhagavad Gita preaches for two ways of life.

          1) Path of Wisdom.
          2) Path of Devotion.

1) Path of wisdom ( Gnanam )

          In this, God is defined as the existence and all lives ( human being and animals ) and nature. Every living being is treated equal and no distinction between layman, educated, murderer, saint. This path of life is very suitable for living practical life. Wisdom is the important target along with purity of conscious mind. Vethathiri Maharishi has preached this path.


2) Path of Devotion ( Bhakthi )

           In this, God is defined as a person whose Conscience is as pure as God and he is the God himself. No equality is given to human beings. Importance is more for a person who is pure in Conscience. This path is suitable for people who believe in God and listen to parents and elders. Sathya Sai Baba has preached this path.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Threshold

          I remember that, one of my college friends who said, Life and Career is big problem solving session in which we have to take series of decisions which has few serious ( Marriage , Job, Job location ) and many trivial decisions.

          Few say common sense is the sense which is uncommon. But I say Common sense is common but there is a Threshold which should be broken to take decisions with common sense. Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. What is ethical and what is unethical. What would be better and what is not. But knowing is not enough to take a decision. Still many follow the same age-old superstitions which they are not able to break as they go in the main stream of people. So there exists a Threshold of taking a decision of what one likes and what others think about it. Being a “true individual” is the only means of breaking the Threshold and taking better and logical decisions.

          Indian Actors and Directors touched 6th sense and 7th sense in movies and vast majority of people out here are not breaking the age-old superstitions which is a funny thing.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Materialism & Naturalism


          Materialism and Naturalism are two extremes and today’s life style usually get carried away in Materialism. Balancing Materialism and Naturalism is of my great interest.

          Materialism usually makes one’s life mechanized. Naturalism makes ones life tribal. Limiting materialistic aspirations and being selective in materialism according to naturalism is the means of balancing both.

          For example, Camera is a materialistic aspiration. But using it for a Forest trip is the concept of balancing materialism and naturalism.

         Its good to avoid the schedules which makes one unnecessarily mechanized and maintain some free time everyday to sit back and relax. Mind is at peace only when one is able to be relaxed for about an hour at least when there is no work and being still.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Honda Brio

         I booked Honda Brio, Rally Red, the Master piece for which i have to wait for next 100 days. The Japanese designers have done a great job for this Car.

         Honda Brio ( Meaning liveliness ) is Elegant as dream car, Spacious ( 5 people ), Luxurious, Powerful (1198 CC, 85 BHP ),Smooth Suspension and Controllable ( Big wheels for road grip ) with reasonable mileage of 18.5 KM   ( Average ARAI Rating for highways and city ).

       To put it in simple words, one would fall in love with this car at first sight.

       Brio is ideal for a couple to go out in the evening and weekend to city for a dinner or shopping or for picnic. Its good for going to office as well.

I looked for a small car for 8 Months and took a decision in 8 days.

Day 1: I visited the showroom to see Brio

Day 3: Took leave to office and went for a test drive in Brio.

Day 7: Booked Brio.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Gods Muruga and Krishna


           Muruga ( Before Christ 5000 ), a South Indian, Dravidian & Tamil God is in Siva  descent (Destroyer). He basically preaches for knowledge and love and purity of Conscious mind (Velii Manam or RAM ) than Subconscious mind. Muruga has two wives namely Valli and Deivaanai. Muslim countries, Germany and European countries, Russia (Axis Countries) and Tamilnadu Police are in favour of ideology of Muruga.

              Unlike Muruga, Krishna ( Before Christ 3500 ) a North Indian, Arian Sanskrit God is in Vishnu descent (Protector). He basically preaches for duty and love and purity of subconscious mind (Hard drive or Permanent memory). Life counts everything from the day one ( Birth and even genetics n ancestors) ( Samaskara, Mana pathivugal ). Krishna has few more wives and many girl friends comparing Muruga. United States (NATO Countries) and Indian Foreign Service ( I.F.S )and Indian, Foreign Ambassadors (depending on countries) are in favour of Krishna.

             Theres always a fight between followers of Muruga and followers of Krishna worldwide because of the two contradicting Ideologies and the corruption of the followers of the Gods due to evolution n customization of Gods to today's World, even if the Gods doesn't have contradictions actually and both the gods coexist in different Logas ( Siva and Vishnu ).

Sunday, October 23, 2011


           Let it be a natural scene or a fashion model. Appreciation and admiration of beauty in general is the basis of Photography.

          The tendency of a human to get attracted towards beauty has evolved from the new born child's behavior of focusing on the light and brightness. So its natural that most people get attracted towards beauty. Photography as a hobby will quench the thirst of admiring nature and beauty. I compare it with playing music instruments for relaxation.

         The minute details of the photography is the difference Digital SLR makes with regular Cameras.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seasoning of mind by aging

         When we are young as children innocence and ignorance keeps one happy n blissful and life is a greenish picture.

Stage 1:
Then we start thinking and judging things. Then comes the mentality to find the truth.

Stage 2:
Then we start understanding the importance of trust and trust worthiness.

Stage 3:
Then we start thinking about the equality and communism.

Stage 4:
        Then we start becoming Ideal and fully matured.
In each stage mind gets seasoned and matured but with lots of self effort to grow. Mind becomes more and more analytical in each stage. At the final stage person will have enough knowledge and maturity about life. But when mind becomes more and more analytical it feels the pain and likes loneliness and abstinence.

But there is an exception:
       One can be ignorant and blissful for entire lifetime with God belief , guidance of parents and elders. There is no need for them to get matured day by day which takes through the life span with pain.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


           Controlling effortlessly is an amazing thing. Be it a Fighter Jet or a Race Car or even a Race Bike. Control requires mental, physical muscular and nervous fitness and reflex and agility. Controlling is an addictive thing. One who enjoyed the control will always want to do it quite regularly. Controlling activity is smooth and blissful like flying.

Control pulse ( one thought pulse per second ) will be very crucial for control.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

7th Sense

           The intelligence and knowledge obtained without any external source or signal and through intuition and telepathy can be called as 7th sense. I just think about Siddhas while contemplating about 7th sense. Bogar, the Siddha who made the Murugan Navabhashanam Statue of Palani Temple might have had such powers. 7th sense will help you get the knowledge about the mysterious secrets of the human mind, existence and universe. It will give the power to execute the required happenings without any source. The intuitive intellignce will help you to protect yourself from unknown and unpredicted disasters.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vistas of life

Following may be Vistas of life for few.

1) Weekend Candle light dinners and outing.

2) Having a great holiday trip to a foreign country every year.

3) Achieving something in Career & Sports.

         Life is not just for Vegetation – Eat – Work - Sleep routine. Life is meant for something beyond that, which should touch the vistas. Work is meant for passion and making money. Then rest of the time in life is for peace, happiness, fun,enjoyment and bliss with the money we earn. 

         Its quite natural that people get carried away in life without touching the vistas. Vistas are meant for people who sit back and think and analyze about life and who want to live life fully touching the extremes. People in developed countries are aware of vistas of life and in India a small layer of people only think about Vistas.

My Vista – Horizon of life would be to live entire life in harmony with nature.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


         Is patriotism just a fashion in India which comes out only for cricket matches and Olympic medals?

         Everyone is clear about their expectation from their country. But nobody thinks what they have done for their country. Even if they think in that direction, its only because, their conscience pricks little, as they have enjoyed so much from their country. Then they spend a meager amount of money for an orphan’s education in home land.

       There are people who love and get attached to their City, State and Country. In the same way there are people who are nomadic, getting attached to wherever they go. But nomadic culture and staying at home land has no correlation to patriotism. In fact, going out of home land increases the patriotism in many cases.

       Patriotism, the bondage between the citizen and the country is comparable to the umbilical chord which connects the baby with the mother.Baby is born when the umbilical chord is cut. When the bondage between the country and the citizen is cut, patriotism is dead.

      India will glow brightly, if the lamp of patriotism is lit in every Indian Citizen’s mind and heart.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


“Heroism requires a strong belief on his own ideals”
Be it a Hero in a Movie or a Hero in a real life, Heroism requires maturity and strong belief on his own ideals which stems from the understanding of his life and society.
You can call the following people to be a Hero:

        1) One who fights for the welfare of the exploited against the powerful.
                       2) One who saves the innocent from the arrogant.
                       3) One who fights to save the country.
                       4) One who fights for the freedom of a country.
                       5) One who does adventure for a good cause.
                       6) One who sacrifices for a good cause.

            Hero can only be good. A person with wrong motive cannot become hero and win, as the good wins over the bad in long run, even if the bad wins momentarily in the beginning.
To build a better world, everyone should feel and awaken the hero in them, and motivated to fight for the good against the bad.

Tamil Movies Port Folio: (First 0-9 Movies are Numerical Coded Movies of India )

5)7 aam Arivu
8) Linga
9) I
10) Kabali
11) Bahubali 1,2
12)Oro kal oru kannadi
14)Neethanae En Ponvasantham.
15)Engeyum Kadhal
16)Singam 1,2,3
17) Poda Podi
18) Raja Rani
19) Endrendrum Punnagai
20) Veeram
21) Idhu Kathivelan Kadhal
22) Mangatha
23) Paiya
29)O Kadhal Kanmani
30)36 Vayathinile
31)Romeo Juliet
32)Thani oruvan
33)10 Ennarathukkulla
34)2 States

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love making and Romance

           The art of love making and romance is one of the beautiful things in this world and existence. None can just explain it or define it or give a description of as it is an instinct and so i would rather write about it and not trying to explain it or define it. Love , Romance with life partner is the right one.

Example of the congenial atmosphere which is suitable for love making:

1) Cool breeze
2) Evening Sun shine n Sun set
3) Beach
4) Snow fall
5) Grass in park
6) Wood land
7) Birds chirping
8) Hill station
9) Cozy couch
10) Interior decorated Room
11) Farm house

The mind feels to be the following during the act of love making:

1) Calm & Peaceful
2) Chill
3) Pleasant
4) Blissful
5) Ecstatic
6) Exhilarating
7) Yogic state

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Network Security

Types of networks:

1) Personal network (Cell phone, Social networking like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram,Twitter)

2) Private network (Company network )

3) Government network ( Officer’s network )

4) Underworld network ( Mumbai underworld )

   Networks are prone to be insecure as human beings are prone to cheating.

        Trust grows with time and trustworthiness of people (past record). So Multilevel privileges are the only way to make networks safer.

         Networks are split into smaller groups and each group understands what they should understand when the same communication is made to the whole network.

         Every network is recorded in communication media and monitored. So Theres no possibility of 100 % confidential networks. If at all its present it will be destroyed by the system if its anti-social.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The finding of fact from the data available.

Data may be:

1) The judgment out of first hand data.

2) Judgment out of correlated data. (Second grade neural linguistic data).

3) Data from the system by intelligence agency.
(Hiding thieves sometimes get escaped).

4) Data from the database research (Thieves get caught)

The divine protecting force protects everyone.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Philosophy of Extremes

           In the evolution, if nature touches one extreme, it touches the opposite extreme also. For example, Krishna avathar after Rama avathar. Islam after Christianity. Nature strikes a balance between extremes by evolving from one extreme to another and the fight between extremes exists everywhere like the philosophy of fight between good and bad.

          Nature tends to augment people of same kind and form groups and develop fight between groups with opposing ideals. People believe groupism will provide them social safety and security.
Examples of local groups in a country: Political parties in State and Nation and Religious and Saint groups.

Example of Global groups: G 8, G 16, NATO, AXIS.

Example of fight between groups:

  • Islam & Christianity
  • Indian National Army & British Army
This is the model of today’s society around the globe.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marma Yogi

What is the difference between a common man and Yogi?

Mind controls the body. If mind is disturbed it reflects in the body. The disturbance in mind (more Happiness or Sadness due to love affair or love failure ) induces different Harmon levels from glands which results in weight loss or increase. You can see such cases in real life in society.

Whats the Marmam behind Mogi?

Yogi is a person who is able to control his mind and body. Yogi can also undergo such disturbance like more happiness and sadness in mind but as he is able to control the mind and thereby the glands it will not reflect in the body as weight loss or increase.

Can Energy be conserved being a Yogi?

Yogi is able to control his emotions and be truly a emotionless being and expose the required level of emotions to people with control and without involvement. This is the mechanism which conserves energy for a Yogi. Yogi can live life with minimal food intake. People generally become emotional and get involved in the emotions like anger and lust and they waste energy.

Can a Yogi do miraculous things?

           Yes. He is knowledgeable enough to know how mind works and able to control his Conscious mind. The data in the Subconscious mind has no impact on the thoughts produced in the Conscious mind for a Yogi.

Can a Yogi able to control his breath and be poised at any circumstances?

          Yes. Yogi can virtually have infinite spiritual energy and breath control and mind control to confront any person who may be extremely good or bad.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011



         I believe in a hybrid Culture which is a mix of Indian ( Mostly ) and Western ( Little ) Cultures.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Self Control - Mastery of control of one’s mind

Mind control is tough  for common man and is best exercised by Yogis and Saints.

We can say,
Mind is a Temple
Mind is a Monkey
Mind is a Horse

By controlling the mind i mean defining a thought process for one’s own mind and controlling it.

          Classification of mind by different thought processes:

  1. Positive – 100 % Trust – 0 % Suspicion – Ignorant n blissful ( Most common )
  2. Positive – 99 % Trust – 1 % Suspicion with good judgment ( Most common )
  3. Positive and Negative – Two track, Multi track -50 % Trust - 50 % Suspicion ( Business class )
  4. Negative - 0 % Trust - 100 % Suspicion – Painful ( Business class )

            Training one’s mind to think in a defined thought process is not so easy.  It needs practice and effort.

We can also classify mind as,

1)      Mind with Conscience ( Grown up or Matured )

       a) Mind with Control pulse
       b) Mind without Control pulse

2)      Mind without Conscience ( From Birth – May be till the age 30) 

Control pulse may be 1 thought pulse per second.

          Conscience and Control pulse will be developed when a thought or word or deed which is contradicting to Belief system or Personality or character goes into the Subconscious mind.

Classification of thought frequencies:

Gamma - 40-100 Thoughts per second ( Miraculously Alert )
Beta - 12-40 Thoughts per second ( High Alert )
Alfa - 8-12 Thoughts per second ( Alert )
Theta - 4-8 Thoughts per second (Sleep )
Delta - 4 Thoughts per second ( Deep Sleep)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What human life boils down to?


            For people in third world countries like Africa, life is just fulfilling their basic needs n vegetation. People in developing countries like India, want peace and happiness beyond fulfilling their basic needs. In developed countries like US, target would be fun, enjoyment, Bliss. For achieving a particular target people choose the location. There are exceptions where people in India, Africa may achieve bliss who may belong to the cream of the society.

                Peace, happiness, fun, enjoyment, bliss have a common definitions but we have to admit that it depends on the individual. For example, few people find happiness in keeping others happy and few in achieving excellence and so on.

                 In India, in majority of cases life is just an accident, meaning life just gets carried away by opportunities and circumstances. For a meager percentage, life and career is well designed. For these people they plan themselves for their life span with the guidance of parents, elders and seniors.

                 In the journey of consciousness, Africa approaches India and India approaches US and US approaches Heaven like Planet. In same way, flow of people would be from Africa to India and India to US approaching higher targets.

                 In an another perspective, life boils down to priorities of individual. Few priorities are Money, Power, Fame, Social Status, Excellence, Knowledge. These things become their priorities after first few years of their Career and become their life goals later on.

                 In a spiritual perspective, life is just zero from birth to death. If a person can live his whole life being peaceful, keeping his family and people around him peaceful, it’s a great achievement. He doesn't even need to do service to society, spiritually.

                Beyond all of these, HUMAN LIFE BOILS DOWN TO LOVE in a bigger perspective, which is exhilarating and the DRIVING FORCE of HUMAN LIFE which makes life meaningful and beautiful.