Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Threshold

          I remember that, one of my college friends who said, Life and Career is big problem solving session in which we have to take series of decisions which has few serious ( Marriage , Job, Job location ) and many trivial decisions.

          Few say common sense is the sense which is uncommon. But I say Common sense is common but there is a Threshold which should be broken to take decisions with common sense. Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. What is ethical and what is unethical. What would be better and what is not. But knowing is not enough to take a decision. Still many follow the same age-old superstitions which they are not able to break as they go in the main stream of people. So there exists a Threshold of taking a decision of what one likes and what others think about it. Being a “true individual” is the only means of breaking the Threshold and taking better and logical decisions.

       For every problem in the World there will be one n only Unique Optimal solution.

          Indian Actors and Directors touched 6th sense and 7th sense in movies and vast majority of people out here are not breaking the age-old superstitions which is a funny thing.

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