Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vistas of life

Following may be Vistas of life for few.

1) Weekend Candle light dinners and outing.

2) Having a great holiday trip to a foreign country every year.

3) Achieving something in Career & Sports.

         Life is not just for Vegetation – Eat – Work - Sleep routine. Life is meant for something beyond that, which should touch the vistas. Work is meant for passion and making money. Then rest of the time in life is for peace, happiness, fun,enjoyment and bliss with the money we earn. 

         Its quite natural that people get carried away in life without touching the vistas. Vistas are meant for people who sit back and think and analyze about life and who want to live life fully touching the extremes. People in developed countries are aware of vistas of life and in India a small layer of people only think about Vistas.

My Vista – Horizon of life would be to live entire life in harmony with nature.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


         Is patriotism just a fashion in India which comes out only for cricket matches and Olympic medals?

         Everyone is clear about their expectation from their country. But nobody thinks what they have done for their country. Even if they think in that direction, its only because, their conscience pricks little, as they have enjoyed so much from their country. Then they spend a meager amount of money for an orphan’s education in home land.

       There are people who love and get attached to their City, State and Country. In the same way there are people who are nomadic, getting attached to wherever they go. But nomadic culture and staying at home land has no correlation to patriotism. In fact, going out of home land increases the patriotism in many cases.

       Patriotism, the bondage between the citizen and the country is comparable to the umbilical chord which connects the baby with the mother.Baby is born when the umbilical chord is cut. When the bondage between the country and the citizen is cut, patriotism is dead.

      India will glow brightly, if the lamp of patriotism is lit in every Indian Citizen’s mind and heart.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


“Heroism requires a strong belief on his own ideals”
Be it a Hero in a Movie or a Hero in a real life, Heroism requires maturity and strong belief on his own ideals which stems from the understanding of his life and society.
You can call the following people to be a Hero:

        1) One who fights for the welfare of the exploited against the powerful.
                       2) One who saves the innocent from the arrogant.
                       3) One who fights to save the country.
                       4) One who fights for the freedom of a country.
                       5) One who does adventure for a good cause.
                       6) One who sacrifices for a good cause.

            Hero can only be good. A person with wrong motive cannot become hero and win, as the good wins over the bad in long run, even if the bad wins momentarily in the beginning.
To build a better world, everyone should feel and awaken the hero in them, and motivated to fight for the good against the bad.

Tamil Movies Port Folio: (First 0-9 Movies are Numerical Coded Movies of India )

5)7 aam Arivu
8) Linga
9) I
10) Kabali
11) Bahubali 1,2
12)Oro kal oru kannadi
14)Neethanae En Ponvasantham.
15)Engeyum Kadhal
16)Singam 1,2,3
17) Poda Podi
18) Raja Rani
19) Endrendrum Punnagai
20) Veeram
21) Idhu Kathivelan Kadhal
22) Mangatha
23) Paiya
29)O Kadhal Kanmani
30)36 Vayathinile
31)Romeo Juliet
32)Thani oruvan
33)10 Ennarathukkulla
34)2 States

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love making and Romance

           The art of love making and romance is one of the beautiful things in this world and existence. None can just explain it or define it or give a description of as it is an instinct and so i would rather write about it and not trying to explain it or define it. Love , Romance with life partner is the right one.

Example of the congenial atmosphere which is suitable for love making:

1) Cool breeze
2) Evening Sun shine n Sun set
3) Beach
4) Snow fall
5) Grass in park
6) Wood land
7) Birds chirping
8) Hill station
9) Cozy couch
10) Interior decorated Room
11) Farm house

The mind feels to be the following during the act of love making:

1) Calm & Peaceful
2) Chill
3) Pleasant
4) Blissful
5) Ecstatic
6) Exhilarating
7) Yogic state