Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love making and Romance

           The art of love making and romance is one of the beautiful things in this world and existence. None can just explain it or define it or give a description of as it is an instinct and so i would rather write about it and not trying to explain it or define it.

           Love Blossoms between two Hearts n Minds who long for Affection n Care n who have Personalities n Characters which matches to Mutual Expectations n Likes.

           A natural n true love affair which leads to marriage is rare phenomenon n most others are manipulated ( Honey Traping ) n waste of time n injurious to mental n physical health n sometimes disasterous. Love , Romance with life partner is the right one.

         Few people when they get older, they find Love to be ( Physiologically ) few Harmons in body or Chemicals in brain n Psychologically Strong likes n Crush or infatuation.

            If two people loved each other n get separated, how much each one of them valued n cared n treated reflects in the other persons life after 10 or 20 or 30 years. This is the true measure of true love.

            A Satisfied n Timely Tantric n Yogic Sexual life will ensure Beauty in appearance ( Tejas ) n Beauty of Body n Mind n Overwhelming Performance in Career n Business to reach Bliss being syncronised with Universe.

         But Love could become the disasterous emotion in the World to destroy the whole World if it is too SELFISH.

         But Contrarily, Love which is Selfless can be a powerful tool to conquer the World like few Greatest Personalites like Mother Teresa.

Example of the congenial atmosphere which is suitable for love making:

1) Cool breeze
2) Evening Sun shine n Sun set
3) Beach
4) Snow fall
5) Grass in park
6) Wood land
7) Birds chirping
8) Hill station
9) Cozy couch
10) Interior decorated Room
11) Farm house

The mind feels to be the following during the act of love making:

1) Calm & Peaceful
2) Chill
3) Pleasant
4) Blissful
5) Ecstatic
6) Exhilarating
7) Yogic state

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