Saturday, September 17, 2011


         Is patriotism just a fashion in India which comes out only for cricket matches and Olympic medals?

         Everyone is clear about their expectation from their country. But nobody thinks what they have done for their country. Even if they think in that direction, its only because, their conscience pricks little, as they have enjoyed so much from their country. Then they spend a meager amount of money for an orphan’s education in home land.

       There are people who love and get attached to their City, State and Country. In the same way there are people who are nomadic, getting attached to wherever they go. But nomadic culture and staying at home land has no correlation to patriotism. In fact, going out of home land increases the patriotism in many cases.

       Patriotism, the bondage between the citizen and the country is comparable to the umbilical chord which connects the baby with the mother.Baby is born when the umbilical chord is cut. When the bondage between the country and the citizen is cut, patriotism is dead.

      India will glow brightly, if the lamp of patriotism is lit in every Indian Citizen’s mind and heart.

      A Responsible Indian Citizen should think that doing Service to India n India's Development is their Duty without expecting anything in return n consider this like taking care of your Mother  ( Motherland ).
          India's development depends partially on Orphans n Orphaned kids even with Family who were not well taken care n loved. Ponder.

        It is better n good to start doing social service to Homeland before you get an Life experience which motivates you to do so. But most people will not do that in Reality.

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