Saturday, September 10, 2011


“Heroism requires a strong belief on his own ideals”
Be it a Hero in a Movie or a Hero in a real life, Heroism requires maturity and strong belief on his own ideals which stems from the understanding of his life and society n the World n the Universe.

Generally, Any Language Movie Just reflects Reality as it is a representation of Society.

You can call the following people to be a Hero:


                    1) One who fights for the welfare of the exploited against the powerful.
                       2) One who saves the innocent from the arrogant.
                       3) One who fights to save the country.
                       4) One who fights for the freedom of a country.
                       5) One who does adventure for a good cause.
                       6) One who sacrifices for a good cause.

               Lie needs none to win. But Truth needs a  Police Officer n Lawyer to win n till then it will  be sleeping like Vishnu - Anandha Sayanam.

     I will play my music instrument to awaken the  Truth.

            Hero can only be good. A person with wrong motive cannot become hero and win, as the good wins over the bad in long run, even if the bad may win momentarily in the beginning.

           To build a better world, everyone should feel and awaken the hero in them, and motivated to fight for the good against the bad.

           It is not Manly to be brute. Only being brave is Manly. Everyone who is not brute is called Feminine n Transgender in India.

           Every Hero n Villain in Real life n Reel life can be found in History with similar character n aspiration ( with 95 % possiblity ). World History is partially Crafted n Manipulated.

           Truth is Dead for a Common Man in 21st Century in Todays World as it is an out dated philosphy of 20th Century of Swami Vivekanandha n Netaji Subash Chandra Bose n Mahathma Ghandhi.

           Annan eppo saavaan Thinai eppo kaaliyagum. I will give you my job n you will definitely run away in a day 24 hours. Jus read my blogs n think you are doing my job for one day 24 hours. Then you know who i am n how tough my work is. Bad strangers are Fake ( vaaisol veerargal ) n dont know the truth.

         If you convince me that you can do my job better than me then i will give you my job definitely.

Tamil Movies Portfolio: (First 0-9 Movies are Numerical Coded Movies ( 00-99- infinite Matrix ) of India n Age n Date n Time - Robo) - Digital India.  CABIN n CAR n CANADA n CAD n DC n CA n CAG n CAB.
R-Robo - True Data or Matter.

If you do something wrong n lie n if you are made as Robo, your life is finished.
But wearing helmet n having no influence of environment ( through your 5 senses  from people around you ) is good if you are perfectly diciplined.

If someone knows you 100 % who you are n you can be made as thier Robot by manipulating your surroundings n give input to you n get what they want from you.
Some People hide their true self not because they are bad but because of the consequences of body n mind n possibility of an attack or being made as Robot for others use.

Life @ 0 - 120 : ( 10×12 Matrix )

1.A - Ambassador ( 1G )
2.B - IG ( 2G )
3.C - Collector ( 0G )
4.D - Doctor ( 3G )
5.E - ( 4G n So on )
6.F - Pilot
N so on till Z- 26

 ( 10 - Ambassador, 15 - Collector - 20 - IG n for Robo n so on n soforth till 99 n 120 ) .

5)7 aam Arivu
8) Linga
9) Mersal
10) Kabali
11) Bahubali 1,2
12)Oro kal oru kannadi
14)Neethanae En Ponvasantham.
15)Engeyum Kadhal
16)Singam 1,2,3
17) Poda Podi
18) Raja Rani
19) Endrendrum Punnagai
20) Veeram
21) Idhu Kathivelan Kadhal
22) Mangatha
23) Paiya
29)O Kadhal Kanmani
30)36 Vayathinile
31)Romeo Juliet
32)Thani oruvan
33)10 Ennarathukkulla
34)2 States
39) Velaikaran
40) Thana Serntha kootam
41) Kaala
42) Irumbu Thirai
43) Junga
44) Vishwaroopam 2
45) Seemaraja
46) Saamy 2
47) Sarkar
48) Endiran 2

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