Saturday, August 20, 2011

Network Security

Types of networks:

1) Personal network (Cell phone, Social networking like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram,Twitter)

2) Private network (Company network )

3) Government network ( Officer’s network )

4) Underworld network ( Mumbai underworld )

   Networks are prone to be insecure as human beings are prone to cheating.

        Trust grows with time and trustworthiness of people (past record). So Multilevel privileges are the only way to make networks safer.

         Networks are split into smaller groups and each group understands what they should understand when the same communication is made to the whole network.

         Every network is recorded in communication media and monitored. So Theres no possibility of 100 % confidential networks. If at all its present it will be destroyed by the system if its anti-social.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The finding of fact from the data available.

Data may be:

1) The judgment out of first hand data. ( First Grade ).

2) Judgment out of correlated data.
    Split up n Multi Language. (Second grade neural linguistic data - Shrewd Thieves).

3) Data from the system by intelligence agency.
(Hiding thieves sometimes get escaped).

4) Data from the database research (Thieves get caught). Symbolic n letter grade.

    English is one of the Highly Sybolic programed n Constructed Language in the World System Architecture for more than 2000 Years.

    To remove the Nail or Dent or Tooth, Run for 100 Year Race. Next 100 Years next Nail n so on.

   Linguistic backstabbing happens for 1-4 who have only first grade of communication.

   With today's technology it is possible to read even Mind Voice of a person.

    Dont pass Comments n Judgement just by looking at the cover of a book or reading few pages of a Dairy.

Not everyone who does mistake are culprits.
Most who does mistake are innocent.
Not everyone who are not caught are good.
Most who look good are culprits.

Target is First One Big Hidden Lurking intentional Culprit.

Anyone in the Top Strata in any Domain should not be allowed to survive if they become Anti National.

    Poonai kanna moodittu ulagam irunduruchunnu nenachiruchaama.

         The biggest Thieves n Culprits are hiding inside Temples n Courts n Law Enforcement n Abroad with Power n Money in India.

         The divine protecting force protects everyone.

        You should project yourself in such a way to get the true motive of anyone who comes to you in your way. N You can enjoy the comedy show run by others around you.

குறள் 423
எப்பொருள் யார்யார்வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள்
மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்ப தறிவு.

Stanza 423
Wisdom grasps the truth
Of whatever and whomever said.

To discern the truth is everything, by whom so ever spoken, this is wisdom.

Epporul Yaaryaarvaaik Ketpinum Apporul
Meypporul Kaanpa Tharivu.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Philosophy of Extremes

           In the evolution, if nature touches one extreme, it touches the opposite extreme also. For example, Krishna avathar after Rama avathar. Islam after Christianity. Nature strikes a balance between extremes by evolving from one extreme to another and the fight between extremes exists everywhere like the philosophy of fight between good and bad.

          Nature tends to augment people of same kind and form groups and develop fight between groups with opposing ideals. People believe groupism will provide them social safety and security.

Examples of local groups in a country: Political parties in State and Nation and Religious and Saint groups.

Example of Global groups: G 8, G 16, NATO, AXIS.

Example of fight between groups:

  • Islam & Christianity
  • Indian National Army & British Army
       World is neither 100 % Good nor 100 % Bad. People see the World to be good if good things happen in their life n see the World to be Bad if bad things happen in their life.

This is the model of today’s society around the globe.

        For a Well Educated Man, Everything is Wrong. But for a Uneducated Man Everything is Right. We have to strike a balance between both to be practical.

          There is an Eternal Fight n War going on which may be called as Cold war in the World which might trigger 3rd World War.

          If you want to know about richest person , you can get it from biggest Begger n If you want to know about Biggest Police officer, you get it from biggest Thief n so on. Extremes touch each other or one extreme leads to another extreme.

       Overly educated n Partially educated n Uneducated are Dangerous in the World.