Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to balance relationships?

         “Every human action has an ulterior motive and every human has selfish motive in everything”.

So, It  is good to have touch with handful  of (few) relatives and friends and colleagues who are true to us with love. Jus have” hai!, how are you?, bye!“ relationship with everyone else. We will have to get lots of bad experiences if we go close with many people. In any new relationship, everything will be beautiful in the beginning. When the time goes by, things deteriorate and in most cases, hate will only be the result. Its because, we know nothing about the person in the beginning and we imagine a greenish picture about them. When the time goes by we get to know more details about the person which make us hate them if the details are not matching with our expectations. This is the reason why the priority matched relationships are rare and if we have such relationships we have to protect and nurture it for long term. Also there should be some mutual benefit and time availability for interaction for a relationship to sustain.

It is also possible to have friendship with people whose priorities are not matched accepting the differences of each other. We have to be very choosy and careful in moving with people. Its good to maintain proper distance with people.

                It is very rare to get new friends who may become close friends after college days. But i always keep my options open to meet new people and make friends and I get along well with all with proper distance.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to balance life?

            Probably you need little planning to spend time other than your work time. It is good to spend 8 hours for work, 4 hours for entertainment, 2 hours for fitness , reading and 2 hours for relaxation everyday. You should not think about work beyond 8 hours. You can have special plans for weekends. This is what i call as balanced life. If you follow this thumb rule and live your life , you can see the well being in life physically as well as mentally.

            There is really no point working hard to earn money faster and buy assets for old age. We need money for our living and children will grow on their own if we provide them education. Too much money will make us pamper our kids which will make them less competent and lazy. Earning money in a slow and steady phase can only balance life. If we make less money then spend less and save little. We can save money for our retirement in last 10 years of Career.

            Just running behind main stream ( other City, State, Country) doesn't mean that people running first are very smarter. I had been to foreign Country and other State for education and work but i returned to home town in a short period.

            Life is not one day or test match its at least 60 years game with money, health, happiness. Running in main stream will fetch you fast money may be but at the cost of losing health and happiness with lots of sacrifices and compromises.