Saturday, January 8, 2011

What human life boils down to?


            For people in third world countries like Africa, life is just fulfilling their basic needs n vegetation. People in developing countries like India, want peace and happiness beyond fulfilling their basic needs. In developed countries like US, target would be fun, enjoyment, Bliss. For achieving a particular target people choose the location. There are exceptions where people in India, Africa may achieve bliss who may belong to the cream of the society.

                Peace, happiness, fun, enjoyment, bliss have a common definitions but we have to admit that it depends on the individual. For example, few people find happiness in keeping others happy and few in achieving excellence and so on.

                 In India, in majority of cases life is just an accident, meaning life just gets carried away by opportunities and circumstances. For a meager percentage, life and career is well designed. For these people they plan themselves for their life span with the guidance of parents, elders and seniors.

                 In the journey of consciousness, Africa approaches India and India approaches US and US approaches Heaven like Planet. In same way, flow of people would be from Africa to India and India to US approaching higher targets.

                 In an another perspective, life boils down to priorities of individual. Few priorities are Money, Power, Fame, Social Status, Excellence, Knowledge. These things become their priorities after first few years of their Career and become their life goals later on.

                 In a spiritual perspective, life is just zero from birth to death. If a person can live his whole life being peaceful, keeping his family and people around him peaceful, it’s a great achievement. He doesn't even need to do service to society, spiritually. Life is a unique individual experience n every human being is unique mostly but few have similarity thats 7 persons like one in the World.

  First be Greatful with Gratitude n Satisfaction about your current State of Life comparing the lives of People who are below your state of life n jus do your duty without expecting any return as mentioned in Bhavagad Gita to be peaceful n happy n  blissful in life. This is the secret of Success.

                Beyond all of these, HUMAN LIFE BOILS DOWN TO LOVE in a bigger perspective, which is exhilarating and the DRIVING FORCE of HUMAN LIFE which makes life meaningful and beautiful.

       Having or Achieving Self Satisfaction n Gratitude about present State of Life at any point of Time n keeping Mind n Conscience Clear n never worrying about what others think about you as a person ( But should do things which are legally right n not harm others n having Military Dicipline ) is the only way to achive Peace n Happiness n Bliss in Life. ( Having easily achievable expectation levels of your needs or requirements or changing your Targets are the best way to achieve Self Satisfaction faster)

              What happens to One in Life doesnt Matter. But how that Person Reacts to that Matters the Most.

               Most Indians ( 90 % ) restraint from helping ( not little favours ) a deserving Person in Life except True Lover n Parents n Close Friends & Close Relatives.

       Targets for most Human beings on Earth are same but the approach differs to each other depending on their Powers n Money n Knowledge n Physical n Mental abilities. This proves that all Human beings in the World are same in this sense.

      Many think that they are the Center of the Universe n they are the Most Important  Human Being on Earth. They dont know that the World will Run same even without them.

     Selfishness ( also Money ) n Physical Pleasures also drive most people in the World.

      World in 21st Century lacks Human Values n it is becoming a place where  Human- robots jus work n jus enjoy pleasure through 5 Senses.

       World n India have been too much Modernised n Mechanised to have high speed of life with no time otherthan Work n Sustaining Life. Not much time to relax n enjoy life fully.

     Death can also be celebrated jus like Birth but that depends on What you do for whole life when you are alive n How you Die ( The Way ) at the End.

NGO : The Common Man - Stranger:

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World Consists of n made up of (99 %) Average Human beings n they only run the wheels n be as Workers  Worldwide n all of them are Good.

Movie: Kootathil Oruthan.