Monday, January 18, 2016

Movie Gethu

                Gethu is a well crafted Thriller directed by Thirukumaran n produced by Udhayanithi Stalin featuring Sathyaraj, Amy Jackson, Vikranth.  Music composed by Harris Jayaraj n Cinematography by Sukumar.

                Story revolves around ISRO Chairman A.K.Abdul Kamaal ( Project Adithya ), Thulasi Raman (Sathyaraj), Sethu (Udhayanithi Stalin), David (Vikranth (Sniper) ), Nandini (Amy Jackson). This movie has traces of 1986 Kamal starer movie Vikram.

Vikram - 1986 - Full Movie Link:

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Design & Manufacturing

               I guess manufacturing  Aerospace  components for Indian Defence ( NAL, ADA, HAL, DRDO ) n Space ISRO could be a good n lucrative idea. The components can be even very small n as small as Nut, Bolt, Screw.

              FEA (Finite element analysis) , CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics ) n Failure Modes       ( Fatigue, Vibration, Stress) based design n analysis for Defence, NAL, ADA, HAL, DRDO, ISRO  can also be very lucrative.

             I wish Ingenious Design Technologies could get such opportunity as early as possible. We always look for Marketing, Working & Investment Partners.

Siddhas -Bogar ( The 8th Siddha )


           Siddhas had the knowledge about the mysterious secrets of human mind n existence n the Universe. They had the intelligence n knowledge obtained without any external source or signal.     We wish we have the power to execute the required happenings without any source like them.