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Self realization

                      A deep understanding of self after an extensive introspection and analysis.

It’s the opposite extreme of ignorant.
“If Ignorance itself is bliss”,
Then, what Self-Realization will be?
“Blissful always” as ignorance is blissful momentarily.

           Let me ask few simple questions which touches the core of the individual.

Are you a human being?
Have you realized yourself?
Who are you?

           These questions seem to be simple but requires lots of thinking before answering it… May be hours or months or years of quest for understanding the self….

           Self realization is an inward journey breaking barriers of religion, sect and crossing boundaries of countries. It tries to define your “ true self ” to yourself. How good a human being you are in your true self. Self realization balances the ego state.

A person who has realized the self will have the following:

The foresight and awareness of his/her own behavior at any circumstances.

A bigger perspective of life always.

Refined personality.

Eternal bliss.

Quotients related to a person:

1) Intelligence Quotient - IQ
2) Emotional Quotient - EQ
3) Love Quotient - LQ
3) Social Quotient - SQ 1
4) Spiritual Quotient - SQ 2

           Spiritual quotient may not necessarily be directly related to how pious a person is. But how good that person is in implementing the things learnt out of religion or spirituality. So an atheist may have high SQ comparing a theist. If IQ is given an impulse towards the quest for understanding self, it will improve EQ, LQ, SQ to a great extent.

       Self Realization is nothing but doing a Doctorate by reasearching n contemplating about past life n future life n finding the true meaning for your life n purpose n answering all questions raised by the Conscience n making the mind which is like Ocean of unsubsided thoughts thats High Tide into Tideless Ocean thats peaceful mind. Then you start living life blissful merging at present moment.

       You should realize yourself fully n Define your True Peace n Happiness n Bliss before you start living your life making it Truly Meaningful n Perfect n Ideal as we have only One Life Time.

      If one person is totally contented n satisfied about his/her own state of life ( Physical n Mental n Family n Social ) all other external factors are immaterial n he/ she has reached Bliss.

     God Belief will give you good Physical n Mental health n will give you peace n happiness n bliss but you should work for all your needs of Life like a Robot n Yogi.

     For each n every mistake we do physically or mentally or socially against nature n physical n mental well being, there corresponds a disease in body or mind before death forwhich nobody can do escapism. This is proved scientifically n medically. But you can change your fate by knowledge. A bad person will get more n more sadness when he ages towards old age. But a good person will get more n more happiness towards old age.

       Having or Achieving Self Satisfaction n Gratitude about present State of Life at any point of Time n keeping Mind n Conscience Clear n never worrying about what others think about you as a person ( But should do things which are legally right n not harm others n having Military Dicipline ) is the only way to achive Peace n Happiness n Bliss in Life. ( Having easily achievable expectation levels of your needs or requirements or changing your Targets are the best way to achieve Self Satisfaction faster)

Note: Social Health, Spiritual Health.

         Usually the Western World focuses in physical n material pleasures. Indians focused on Spirituality n Mind for more than 10,000 Years. But Spirituality goes beyond material World. A person without peace cannot enjoy material pleasures. But a person who reached bliss doesnt need material pleasures at all. In Western World, " Too much Knowledge gets Pain " n In India, " Ignorance is bliss ".

How to find out whether you have realized yourself fully or not?

      Your Conscience the God in the form of Mind Voice stops to exist in yourself when you have realized yourself fully. That is you have given convincing answers to all questions raised by your Conscience about past n present n future. N you have reached Ultimate n Eternal Peace similar to the Subsided Ocean with very soft tide n a pleasent n blissful thoughts in Mind.

       There is a huge difference between Self Confidence ( It will happen - God Conciousness ) n Ego ( I will do it ).

      One who blames others quite frequently has not Realized himself fully. We have to balance between perfection imperfection.

     Change the Career path if it requires you to be Corrupt without blaming environment. Principles of life n Personality is important than Career. This is valid for everyone.

    Every Human being is dependent on other fellow human being directly or indirectly none can claim to be independent on Society. So it is everyone's duty to give back something to Society in return.

    Absorb good things in life ignoring which direction or Country or Ethnicity it comes from.

     There are plenty of people Worldwide who want to make your confessions in your life to be wrong n kill you by Heart Attack. But there are very few who support you when you are alive.

       If you can control sexual urge n obstain from Sex you can win the World.

      Every death is a Murder Medically until unless Proved.

Note: Altar Ego.

குறள் 391:
பால்: பொருட்பால்
அதிகாரம் : கல்வி

கற்க கசடறக் கற்பவை கற்றபின்
நிற்க அதற்குத் தக.

விளக்கம் 1:
கல்வி கற்க நல்ல நூல்களைக் குற்றமறக் கற்க வேண்டும், அவ்வாறு கற்ற பிறகு, கற்ற கல்விக்கு தக்கவாறு நெறியில் நிற்க வேண்டும்.

விளக்கம் 2:
கற்கத் தகும் நூல்களைப் பிழை இல்லாமல் கற்க; கற்ற பிறகு கற்ற கல்விக்கு ஏற்ப நல்ல வழிகளில் வாழ்க.

English Couplet 391:

So learn that you may full and faultless learning gain,
Then in obedience meet to lessons learnt remain.

Couplet Explanation:

Let a man learn thoroughly whatever he may learn, and let his conduct be worthy of his learning.

Social Responsibility

      First,  every Indian should be a responsible Indian Citizen which is the basic requirement n all Indian Citizens are responsible for present Indian Political n Social n economic scenario.
Irresponsible strangers ( Po_ram_po_kk_u ) n irresponsible educated illiterates n uneducated fake leaders ( Methavi ) are responsible for spoiling the Society. They should become educated.

            People think the following when they come across the word “ Social Responsibility”.

1) Keeping the environment clean.
2) Voting.
3) Paying the tax.

          These are microscopic comparing the effort towards building a better India without corruption and inequality and misuse of money and power.


           The election commission should spend money from government fund to give space in news papers and TV channel – propaganda time for each candidate equally.

           Everyone have their own justification for what they are doing whether its right or wrong. Having a justification which is right only for them is not enough but that justification should be right for everyone else involved. In the view of a political party, the reason why they are corrupted is very clear that they need money for their next election campaign. But that reason is not justifiable for a common man.

Misuse of money and power:

           Money and power have become tool for flexing the rules and regulations and breaking laws. Money and power have become a shield for protecting themselves who break the law. The law of cause and effect doesn't hold true in many cases, for this reason and we can see the chaos dominating. We can say a system (Government ) to be matured if the law of cause and effect to be true for everyone in the system without difference with less response time.

          At a glance, we think that its just corruption, inequality and misuse of money and power. But these are the major source reducing the maturity of the system. Eradicating these will get a system which will be comparable with developed countries. So its important that everyone should think about these macroscopic responsibilities and do their contribution towards building a better India for a better tomorrow.

          Until there is a day where political parties are not needed to spend money from their pocket for election campaign, eradicating corruption out of India will only be a dream and not a reality.

           In a True Democracy, True Power lies with the People.

           There should be different laws for Human beings of different kind according to psychology ( Kids n Grown up n Animals ) The experienced use law n rules to nudge the innocent n allow the animals to escape if it is theirs. When grown ups behave like Animals then Kids n Animals start behaving like Grown Ups ( Human beings ).

        Everyone should not do Mistakes without Mistakes n Escape. Only the innocent get punished by law enforcement in India n rich n experts n arrogant escape. Law should be amended to reverse this.
Related History References: 

1. Rothschild Dynasty
2. Rockefeller
3. Morgan
4. Illuminati
5. Cartel

         India is in a Dynamic Gyroscopic Balance from Forces from forces Developed Countries n Developing Countries n various networks like Nato n Axis.

        If something needs to be done in Central or State Government, someone has to initiate from people ( to Switch it on) to make it happen in Reality. If nobody initiates nothing will materialise in reality. So dont Talk but initiate n Do it in Action.

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