Saturday, February 4, 2012


             Manipulations are today’s trend and things which are natural are reducing. Manipulations are the forced modifications which happens due to technology development and cultural changes which are artificial. Manipulations exist in relationships, business, life and everywhere. The rich, powerful and knowledgeable people manipulate the weaker society who are poor or less knowledgeable. But still you can find few people here and there who live life in a natural way. Nothing is impossible in todays Technology ( Do Research in Intersection of Mind n Religion, Intersection of Law n Medicine - Diseases  n Life Sciences n Criminology n Sociology ) n even Mind reading of a Stranger so on.

     Manipulation is the reason why most established Human Beings try to hide their core personality n be non manipulatable n Disease free Physically n Mentally.

    Dont react but respond n dont get caught in others manipulation as a robo n but be a Doctor. N being unpredictable n not understandable n fearful is the best defence to avoid manipulation by others.

       In some cases, Right n Wrong Rule doesnt Matter (* Conditions Apply ) but the End Result of a Caculated Action, over a period of Time Matters the Most. But be ready for side effects n damage.

RI - Return on Investment.

Note: Virtual Reality n Hypnotism n Nano Medicine

Cunning n Deceitful n Manipulating people:

CAR = CANADA = Canadarm Manipulator = Manipulating Signals n Robo n R - Creating n manipulating with fake Environment.
Environmental Engineering.

By artificially creating a situation, even an innocent doctor or doctorate can be forced to do a mistake or just by creating an illusion n can be punished or killed.

You can make a Heaven out of Hell like situation if you are knowledgeable n also you can make a Hell out of Heaven like situation if you are foolish.

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