Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wings to Dream World

We can describe our dreamland to be,

1)      Peaceful
2)      Blissful
3)      Ecstatic
4)      Silent  (no other language other than love )
5)      Having lots of fun with Parties and Music.

            There may be a gap between what kind of environment ( Dream world ) where we want to live and where exactly we are. We always tune our life towards our dream world with or without our knowledge.

            Even if the environment we live is not similar to the dreamland, we can achieve what we get in dream world if we attain individual peace, bliss through tools like enlightenment.

            Bliss (Aanandham) is a floating mesmeristic state which can be achieved through deep meditation with self realization, self awareness and enlightenment . This is the means of achieving bliss in an environment which is not exactly like your dreamland.

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