Saturday, January 19, 2013

My concept of making money in an Enterprise as an Entrepreneur :

            I believe Money ( Principal investment ) and Knowledge are easiest tools to make any amount of money. Huge investment of money in product or service industry can fetch lots of return on investment in less time.

But my concept of making money in an enterprise is simple. It’s the shrewd way of making money in a slow and steady pace.

  • Very minimal investment.
  • Lots of domain knowledge of small group of associates.
  • Knowledge about how industry works.
  • Outsourced projects with good profit margin through currency conversion rates.
  • Internet marketing through search engines like google.
  • Repeat customers and customer referrals.

So I believe in a concept of making money just with “knowledge”.

      There are lots of people in Tamilnadu n India n The World who work in all types of Industries as Entrepreneurs but the Media n Social Media based n Social Entrepreneurship unique path for the development of State n Country n The World is not explored much which is highly needed for Today's World.

     Sometimes its good to prefer a same locality Risk free n moderatly lucrative Government or Private Job or Small Business or Agriculrure to have a stable n peaceful long Life.

      The Motivation n Aspiration for Money n Knowledge n Power need to be high that you have nothing right now but you dream for something unimaginable Big but working towards it, will guide you reach your Target. Potential difference in a Wire makes Current flow. In Same way potential difference is the one which creates Motivation n Aspiration n propels you to the Target in SubConcious Level. Like Relativity Theory you can make Money to the level you were deprived of Money in the past n  you can be happy to the level you suffered in past Life.

     Plan in an organised way from End to Start n what you should do now to reach the End thats Victory. If everyone reacts positively or negatively then it should result in what we need. In any dealing in relationship or Business the interaction should be Win - Win for both parties.
      If an Entrepreneur or Industrialist or Businessman makes 10 Crores by Cheating  then An Entrepreneur whose Conscience is clear  n Target is Great n who is straight forward n Ideal can make 10,000 Crores in the same time. 

    Strictly follow the rules n trust the system n implement the Theory.

     What you Do Matters the Most than who you are n where you are. Your Actions speak louder than anything in this world. If most people think that you are doing something great then nobody can stop your Growth n You will definitely succeed n reach the Stars.

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