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My Research on Hinduism




Sri Rangam, Trichy

Thanjai Periya Koil, Tanjavur

"அரசன் அன்று கொல்வான், தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும்"

Padmanabaswamy Temple-

Thirupathi Temple -
Puri Jeganath Temple

Ulagalantha Perumal Temple, Gandhi Maanagar &
Astama Varatha Anjineyar Temple Esso Bunk, Peelamedu
Mamallapuram Temples

Sabari Malai- Iyyappan


Chamundi Hill Nandhi Temple



Chidambaram Natarajar Koil

Sirkali, Periya Koil n Sattanathar Koil

Vinayagar ( Mundthi Vinayagar )

Lord Muruga - Anuvavi n Palani,
Maruthamalai n Sarathmbal Temple

Hanuman Statue n Lalithambigai Temple

 Madurai Meenakshi Sundareshwarar,
Meenakshi Amman Temple

Suriyanar Kovil - Odisha





Jain Temple, Shravana Bela Gola
Gomateswara, Bahubali

Navagraha Temple Kumbakonam



Who will win the RACE at the End?
Valiyavan the Robo ? Or ( Eliyavan ) The GOD

           Hinduism is a way of life rather than a Religion itself. But in reality I see that Hindus are all split into small groups fighting with each other for their own ideals.

             We have three Gods in Hinduism namely  Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva for creation, protection, destruction.

Saivam – Shiva, Sakthi,  Muruga, Vinayaga

Vainavam – Vishnu and his incarnations :

    1)     Matsya, the fish
       2)     Kurma, the tortoise
       3)     Varaha, the boar
       4)     Narasimha, the half-man/half-lion
       5)     Vamana, the dwarf
       6)     Parashurama, Rama with the axe
       7)     Rama, Ramachandra, the prince and king of Ayodhya
       8)     Krishna, was the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudev
       9)     Buddha is also an avatar of Vishnu in many Hindu scriptures 
      10)    Kalki ("Eternity", or "White Horse", or "Destroyer of Filth"), is the final incarnation of Vishnu

According to Hindu scriptures, all mortal beings are destined to pass through four great epochs in every cycle of creation and destruction. This divine cycle turns full-circle at the end of what is known as kalpa. A kalpa is a yuga cycle, which is a period of 10,000 divine years, and is divided into four ages or yugas.

About the 4 Yugas:

     The four great epochs in Hinduism are: Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kali Yuga. Satya Yug or the Age of Truth is said to last for four thousand divine years, Treta Yuga for three thousand, Dwapara Yug for two thousand and Kali Yuga will last for one thousand divine Years that equals to 432,000 earthly years. 

Hindu society has been categorized into four classes, called varnas. They are,

Brahmins:  Vedic Teachers and Priests;
Kshatriyas:  Warriors, Nobles, and Kings;
Vaishyas:  Farmers, merchants, and businessmen;
Shudras:  Servants and labourers.

          Bhagavad Gita says 4 castes a Head, Hand, Leg, Body and those four castes should work to work as a human body like ROBO in India.

           Scientists say a lakh years before there were all aboriginals in this world. And we have started counting years only After 6th Century ( Number System by Aryabhata n 7Am Arivu Bhodhi Dharma ) . We have detailed history only for past 10,000 years.

          When we teach our kids about evolution of human beings and culture, I don’t think this 10,000 years history is enough to explain all about human evolution.

Evolution of Hinduism over  10,000 years:

Evolution of Gods:

Life force, Sound, Symbol, Language, knowledge.

Siva, Vinayaga ( B.C 20,000 Years )

Ram ( B.C 10,000 Years )

Muruga (B.C 5000 Years )

Krishna ( B.C 3500 Years )

          Very first god in Hinduism is Shiva and then Vinayaga (Rig veda). There were Aarians in North India who followed Vainavam  that’s Vishnu and Brahma. There were Dravidians in South India (Tamilnadu, Kerala, karnataka, Andhrapradesh) who followed Saivam that’s Shiva, Sakthi, Muruga, Vinayaga.

          Both these Aarians and Dravidians merged with each other to form todays the modern day Hinduism.

           Now Kerala, Karnataka, Andhrapradesh states have deformed into Vainavam from Saivam.  Now only Tamilnadu is left to follow Saivam in South India.

            So now we have all Saivam and Vaianavam gods in Hinduism with no difference. N there are a lot of Second Grade ( Communication ) Hindus in India n around the World.

          Aariyan - Vainavam - Vishnu - Christianity

          Dravidians- Saivam - Siva - Islam

           Each God portrays a unique Charecter or Quality by brought up n which gives the knowledge or power or skill to do a specific task or action which is told as a Varam or Boon or Blessing given to anyone who prays to that God.

      The Hindu Epics n Scriptures n Vedhas written 10,000 years before still holds true to contemporary Human beings because in past 400 years Science n Technology n Engineering n Medicine developed 100 times but Social system n Human Mind n body remains almost same for past 10,000 years.

Ramayanam in Tamil:

Ramayan Deer Scene:

Mahabaratham in Tamil:

      Life in South India was great during the rule of Kings Cheran n Cholan n Pandiyan.

 India's historical Hindu Account of past 2000 Years:

   AD 711 - 1857: Muslim kings demolished lots of Hindu Temples took away the wealth in India.

   AD 1858 - 1947: Took Gold, Diamond n Imposed manipulated Education system n English language n Allopathy Medicine n  made India a Consumer base n back office to western Countries n demolished Hindu Siddha, Ayurvedha Medicine n heritage. 

    AD 1947- Till date: Lost the value of Indian Currency in many folds ( More than 100 times ). Trying to manipulate India from outside India through indirect means.

    In History, during King rule in India , Kings used to spend their own Money for the welfare of people. But in Democracies Worldwide,  __________________.

      All Indians should remember our 10,000 years history and forgetting that is the reason for our lost identity in the World n Indians are insanely numb to cruelty for past 1500 years for foreign Invasion n Exploitation.

    We dont have enough time to fight with each other for Caste, Language, Religion n City n State. Then when are we going to conquer the World?

    The Root of all problems or problematic situations in India is described.

Not many good Leaders after Indias Freedom.

Not a Good Society.

Not lot of good People.

Not a Good environment.

      Thats not good School discipline n Teachers n Friends n neighbors n Media - TV, News Papers n Movies n Internet - Juveniles thats subconscious level robots created more who will become anti social n Anti national elements to spoil law n order in City n State n Country n World.

     So the Root n source of non production of Good citizens in India, lies in Environment n Media.

    In India we bring the Aboriginals from forest n people from villages into the cities for their survival. But Western Country people from cities go into the forest every month in long weekends n live like Aboriginals temporarily. We should make provisions for hunting for aboriginals in Indian forests and provisions for sustainable Agriculture for village people without displacing them into cities. We should stop afforestation n maintain a good Eco System in Forests n Villages of India. India lives in Villages.

    Developed foreign countries should stop dumping their garbage into India n Developing Countries in the form of Poisoned Food n foreign Agriculture n Medicine n Science n Engineering n Technology spoiling Society n Nature n Eco System in India n also stop sending new Diseases n the Sexual harassment n backstabbing of Indian Women Worldwide to avoid 3rd World War between Developing Countries n So called Developed Countries.

     There is only BJP n RSS for Hindus to fight against ....

      Our Society produces more n more Criminals n Robos n Frauds of all Kinds including Linguistic n Secret Executors of Source n Clue flawless unidentifiable Happenings n Crimes beyond Human Imagination n AI, which cannot be Prosecuted even by Nature n Supernatural power. Not even a 0.001 % of real hidden Raping like Honey Trapping cases goes to Judiciary in India because of fear of Defamation.

      As Indians n Tamilians we should work towards getting back our lost Identity n values n ancient medicine n spiritual treasures n heritage avoiding the mentality of slavery n true slavery to Inside n outside India.

    India will be the number 1 Nation in the World when we finish our Fight back n Revenge n Retaliation of our Slavery n Exploitation of past 1500 Years.

    If you have been attacked Monitorily or Physically or Psychologically and not ready for compromise of any kind but just want Justice n revenge then you will be termed n admitted n isolated n designated as TE______IST by the World.

    Also first we need to change the Social Environment for growth of kids from age 0- 25 that high military decipline education System n Good n Matured Quality n Standard n Unbiased n Truthful Media ( News Papers n Magazines n TV News n Local Channels n Movies of all  Languages n Cultures n genres. A good social environment will yield good Citizens for the Society n Country. But presently Bad Environment n Society exists everywhere which will yield bad result. Only hope is that the parents of the kids should make sure that kids will grow up with safe n good exposure n good environment to get good character n personality.

Bad Environment ( Media n so on ) - Bad Citizens - Food as Poison from bad Agriculture influenced by Foreign - Most Citizens Suffering with new Diseases n Die sooner.

    Kids from age 2-14 , if exposed to wrong Media, they will become unconscious Robos n become Juveniles n become Anti Social Elements n Anti Nationals later on, which is the true n main reason for all social n medical n psychological problems in India n Indians abroad.

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