Tuesday, December 15, 2015


              Success is not a result. It is a continuous n endless process. It is an endless flight around the globe n even to the planets in the Universe with CAR n Flight n Space Shuttle n Rocket. But you can also choose the direction towards Forest n God.

               When practical ( Imperfection ) approaches Theory ( Perfection ) Systems become unimaginably efficient which is the Target of  Science n Engineering & Technology. Flight n Car ware invented at the same time in USA n Germany. Any Human Being will Discover the same thing when they work relentlessly in a field or direction for few decades. This is true for Spirituality Also.

               Until you win your own Ego , You cannt win yourself n not even one Human being.

        If you predict n anticipate a Failure by Intuition, you will definitely get one. So strong belief of Success is important in life.

      The key to a Great Success in today's World is to explore n find n travel an Unexplored n Unique Path of Business n Career n Life.

      Make all your weaknesses into your Strengths then nobody can manipulate you n you will win always.

      What you believe in your Subconcious Mind n what your intuition tells you will become Reality.

       Aim n Target for the Best n always have a plan b for the worst n always be composed.

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