Sunday, December 6, 2015

Money, Technology

              For India, as we are still a developing Country Technologically, Monetarily, the Thrust force from outside is huge ( Technological n Monetary Domination n Manipulation through Foreign Human Instruments in India) which is the root cause for all sorts of problems in society . When there is huge competition for survival in society, short cuts will be used by people who are not well educated with human values. Finally it becomes individual's responsibility to decide something is right or wrong beyond General Law for which they or their children suffer later.

      If you break the law , you will pay the price by disease or accident or even death. Dont think Police n Court only enforce the law. But Conscience n System does law enforcement to 95 % which is not known for most people ( 95% ). Arasan Andu Kolvan. Deivam nindru kollum.

     There are three types of deaths:

1. Dying n Sacrificing Life for a Good Person for a Good Cause. ( Good but Rare )
2. Dying unknowingly for a unknown mistake.      (Innocent )
3. Dying knowing their own mistake done in awareness knowing the result. ( Bad n Most Common )

Nandri ketta Naii thaan Seekirama Saagum.

   If you do something Good n Die unfortunately, your family will get benefited. If you do something wrong n Die then the Family n People who are behind n motivated him or her for doing Wrong will be punished.

Good people only suffer in life n live longer.
Bad people die for their mistskes faster.

              Japan's development in last 70 years Technologically n Monetarily is a good example for India.

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