Sunday, May 5, 2013

The deepest silence of self

            Mind is like a house with rooms and door and windows. you can classify all your thoughts into different relationships and subjects. We can compare this as Vasthu sasthram for mind.



     1)      Parents
     2)      Siblings
     3)       Friends
     4)      Colleagues
     5)      All others


    1)     Work
    2)  Hobbies
    3)  Entertainment

             In mind, each room will have its own size and characteristics with echo proof design. Windows allow us to send out the unwanted and disturbing thoughts to be sent out making sure it doesn't echo inside. In hall we meet all our relationships and allow the interaction of all. Bed room and Pooja room are like Genetic Centre and that is where the deepest silence of self resides. The doors of each room should be kept open only when its required to make sure that people interact with you at right time.
           With a perfect Vasthu of your mind, you are destined to achieve peace, happiness, bliss.

           In Tamil there is an ancient expression ``idam, porul, eval arinthu sollu''. This means one has to speak minding,

 the place,

 the content of speech and

 the interest shown by your listener (by order or direction).

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