Saturday, May 25, 2013



            Our experience of present moment is decided by our state of mind ( Worries n expectations n fears n satisfaction about our physical n Social status n Job or business or financial status n family n friends n relatives n even Strangers ) at that moment thats how much composed we are.

             Mind becomes analytical n suspicious due to negative experience and due to lack of guidance. For example, if a trusted person cheats you unexpectedly, you start suspecting people after that incident. First you suspect few and later you suspect everyone. At the end you don’t trust anyone. Then you start liking loneliness and think you don’t need people. These things happen because of just a bad experience or even an emotional garbage.

            You need to trust everyone to the level required with good judgment from the heart that’s all. We cannot stop moving with 99 people for the one culprit. This is very crucial to maintain your composure.

            Sometimes due to aging, maturity and working, Mind becomes analytical and suspicious. This should also be avoided to maintain a good composure for peace and happiness.

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