Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Gods Muruga and Krishna

           Muruga ( Before Christ 5000 ), a South Indian, Dravidian & Tamil God ( Kumari Kandam below Sri Lanka - 20,000 Years before submerged in Ocean Waters ) is in Siva  descent (Destroyer). He basically preaches for knowledge and love and purity of Conscious mind (Velii Manam or RAM ) than Subconscious mind. Muruga has two wives namely Valli and Deivaanai. Muslim countries, Germany and European countries, Russia (Axis Countries) and Tamilnadu Police are in favour of ideology of Muruga.

              Unlike Muruga, Krishna ( Before Christ 3500 ) a North Indian, Arian Sanskrit God ( Duvaraga- Mumbai ) is in Vishnu descent (Protector). He basically preaches for duty and love and purity of subconscious mind (Hard drive or Permanent memory). Life counts everything from the day one ( Birth and even genetics n ancestors) ( Samaskara, Mana pathivugal ). Krishna has few more wives and many girl friends comparing Muruga. United States (NATO Countries) and Indian Foreign Service ( I.F.S )and Indian, Foreign Ambassadors (depending on countries) are in favour of Krishna.

             Theres always a fight between followers of Muruga and followers of Krishna worldwide because of the two contradicting Ideologies and the corruption of the followers of the Gods due to evolution n customization of Gods to today's World, even if the Gods doesn't have contradictions actually and both the gods coexist in different Logas ( Siva and Vishnu ).

     If you find n realize the God Krishna, the Supreme Soul by Knowledge then you are Krishna Kumar.

        You should always fear for God ( Conscience n Supernatural power ). But others will not do the same n dont expect others to do the same. :-))

   Sc - C - 1 - Coffee
   St - A - 2 - Tea

        Please stop cheating yourself n others in the name of God by going to Temples in India n Abroad. I mean the Devotees. Any Religion n Every God preaches to do good to all. Are you really doing this ?

            World is full of Oscar Award Winning Actors n Actresses who act in Real life for which Film Industry people Worldwide are also not an Exception. They all act like Sympathetic n Kind except very few of them who are truly Good.( Ask your Conscience whether It is True or not ).

             Most of the Oscar award winning Relatives n Friends will abstain from you when the time goes by n when you shoot them at the third eye directly, reading their Mind.

           If God wants to give a Maximum Punishment to a Soul, Then God can select the Parents in a Chaotic Country ( Where Law of Cause n Effect doesnt hold true for Rich n Powerful n Knowlegeable n ) to give birth to that Soul. Because, You need to be Insanely Tolerent to see the things happening around you in your Life for which you can do nothing except just talking n you will even stop talking after little time as it is of no use.

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