Saturday, November 26, 2011

Honda Brio

         I booked Honda Brio, Rally Red, the Master piece for which i have to wait for next 100 days. The Japanese designers have done a great job for this Car.

         Honda Brio ( Meaning liveliness ) is Elegant as dream car, Spacious ( 5 people ), Luxurious, Powerful (1198 CC, 85 BHP ),Smooth Suspension and Controllable ( Big wheels for road grip ) with reasonable mileage of 18.5 KM   ( Average ARAI Rating for highways and city ).

       To put it in simple words, one would fall in love with this car at first sight.

       Brio is ideal for a couple to go out in the evening and weekend to city for a dinner or shopping or for picnic. Its good for going to office as well.

I looked for a small car for 8 Months and took a decision in 8 days.

Day 1: I visited the showroom to see Brio

Day 3: Took leave to office and went for a test drive in Brio.

Day 7: Booked Brio.

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