Saturday, November 26, 2011

Honda Brio

         I booked Honda Brio, Rally Red, the Master piece for which i have to wait for next 100 days. The Japanese designers have done a great job for this car.

         Honda Brio ( Meaning liveliness ) is Elegant as dream car, Spacious ( 5 people ), Luxurious ( as Ultra rich ), Powerful (1198 CC & 85 BHP ), smooth Suspension and Controllable ( big wheels for road grip ) with reasonable mileage of 18.5 KM ( Average ARAI Rating for highways and city ) and so on and so forth.

To put it in simple words, one would fall in love with this car at first sight.

Brio is ideal for a couple to go out in the evening and weekend to city for a dinner or shopping or for picnic. Its good for going to office as well.

I looked for a small car for 8 Months and took a decision in 8 days.

Day 1: I visited the showroom to see Brio
Day 3: Took leave to office and went for a test drive in Brio.
Day 7: Booked Brio.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Gods Muruga and Krishna


           Muruga ( Before Christ 5000 ), a South Indian, Dravidian & Tamil God is in Sivan descent (destroyer). He basically preaches for knowledge and love and purity of conscious mind (Velii Manam or RAM ) than subconscious mind. Muruga has only two wives (Valli and Deivaanai) and no girl friends and not dominant of girls. Muslim countries and Germany and European countries (Axis Countries) and Tamilnadu police are in favor of Muruga.

              Unlike Muruga, Krishna ( Before Christ 3500 ) a North Indian, Arian & Sanskrit God is in Vishnu descent (Protector). He basically preaches for duty and love and purity of sub conscious mind (Hard drive or Permanent memory). Life counts everything from the day one (birth and even genetics) (Samaskara & Mana pathivugal). Krishna has few more wives and many girl friends comparing Muruga. United States (NATO Countries) and Indian Foreign Service and Foreign Ambassadors (depending on countries) are in favor of Krishna.

             Theres always a fight between followers of Muruga and followers of Krishna worldwide because of the two contradicting Ideals and the corruption of the followers of the gods due to evolution evenif the Gods doesn’t have fight actually as both the gods coexist in different Logas ( Sivan and Vishnu ).