Sunday, April 20, 2014

Magnetic field & Waves in the Universe

                   Magnetic field and the waves in the universe have huge impact on human beings. Waves from Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus have huge impact on our body’s biomagnetic field. There is a truth behind this concept and understanding and perceiving  this concept is very tough and only a very few people have the deep knowledge about this.  Astrology is a Science which tries to predict the effects of these waves on a particular human being with the help of horoscope based on birth time.

               Meditating on Planets n Space can make you relieve from problems in life n see your life n problems from a Vantage point outside of yourself to solve them better.

Orbital repetition n Incidents Repeated every year at the same spatial point.

           I found few Stars n Planets in Coimbatore FM Radios like 91.1 n 93.5 n 98.3 n 103 n 106.4 which are similar to Tamil TV Channels Sun n Raj n Vijay n Puthya Thalimurai n k n... n can find similar galexies in other States n Countries.

        A group of people form a Planet. Multiple ( 9 ) Planets n a Sun n Natural Satellites form a Solar System n few more...... n Galaxy. The reason why we need this is because once we start thinking about Earth n Planets we start becoming more Humane than ever before subconciously n forget all earthly day to day problems n worries n be more poised n live the moment not dwelling in past or future in back ground process n so this concept will make all as good n peaceful Human beings if they get into this.

Note: Numerology, Nameology, Numberology.

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