Sunday, March 3, 2013


            Attitude decides how we approach life and what kind of outlook we have about life. We need to have a positive attitude and positive approach towards life to lead a happy life. Attitude might change for a person over a period of time due to too much of positive or negative experiences. Being cautious in life is a good attitude than looking at everything in negative perspective with lots of worries.

            The summation of our past experience decides our present attitude. If the attitude becomes negative due to some negative experience, the new memories of positive experience can only change the attitude from negative to positive for an average human being. But the knowledge about the attitude can get a positive attitude for an expert even with lots of negative experiences.

      Truth n Fact may be anything. But if you believe strongly to achieve something then you can definitely do it with hard work n effort n perseverence.

         It is your perspective to view most things as good without comparing. ( Relativity )
Dont expect everything to be Ideal in Life. That expectation will put you in enormous Stress in Life.

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