Saturday, May 25, 2013


             Mind becomes analytical n suspicious due to negative experience and due to lack of guidance. For example, if a trusted person cheats you unexpectedly, you start suspecting people after that incident. First you suspect few and later you suspect everyone. At the end you don’t trust anyone. Then you start liking loneliness and think you don’t need people. These things happen because of just a bad experience or even an emotional garbage.

            You need to trust everyone to the level required with good judgment that’s all.
We cannot stop moving with 99 people for the one culprit. This is the principle you need to learn or get to know as guidance. This is very crucial to maintain your composure.

            Sometimes due to aging, maturity and working, mind becomes analytical and suspicious. This should also be avoided to maintain a good composure for peace and happiness.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Problems of youngsters

            Today, youngsters face numerous problems or distractions in life which may divert them from their focus on Education and Career. It begins right from movies, friends, love. Life is mix of studies, entertainment, relationships. It is just that the youngsters need to prioritize and balance everything knowing the worth of each. One cannot live like a robo either.

            Youngsters expect a lot from their lives these days. But in most cases life doesn’t offer much except for few lucky ones. One needs to be very shrewd and knowledgeable to get everything they want. 

            Love in school and college is not a sin. If love is within limits, in that tender age its god’s gift. It will be a pleasant experience to remember and recollect in later years evenif it doesn’t materialize in marriage. Its only a countable number of people who loved from school and married after settling in career.

            Society is becoming very challenging with all types of traps all around. The caution board is also kept everywhere. At the end of the day, its ones decision to choose the right path. If you choose to go in the right path you survive and if you choose the other way definitely you will die.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The deepest silence of self

Mind is like a house with rooms and door and windows. you can classify all your thoughts into different relationships and subjects. We can compare this as Vasthu sasthram for mind.
     1)      Parents
     2)      Siblings
     3)       Friends
     4)      Colleagues
     5)      All others

    1)     Work
    2)  Hobbies
    3)  Entertainment

             In mind, each room will have its own size and characteristics with echo proof design. Windows allow us to send out the unwanted and disturbing thoughts to be sent out making sure it doesn’t echo inside. In hall we meet all our relationships and allow the interaction of all. Bed room and pooja room are like genetic centre and that is where the deepest silence of self resides. The doors of each room should be kept open only when its required to make sure that people interact with you at right time.
With a perfect Vasthu of your mind, you are distained to achieve peace, happiness, bliss.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Soulmate is a person who you longed for meeting n who matches with you mentally and physically ( 100 %) or matching mutual expectations. So the concept of soulmate is right. But the probability of marrying a soulmate is very narrow. As people say life is a compromise, marriage also becomes a compromise for many.
                Life doesn’t stop after marrying a soulmate, it actually starts there. Living as soulmate for life time , is more of understanding and flexibility when the priorities change after few years of marriage. Whether you married a soulmate or not, depends on what conclusion you come to after living entire life till death. A person, who may not be a soulmate at the time of marriage , may be a soulmate for lifetime with flexibility and the partner can tell that at the time of death.
So its not that whether you marry a soulmate or not. But its whether you live as soulmates matters a lot.